Saddam’s Just Deserts

Posted: Jan 05, 2007 12:00 AM
Saddam’s Just Deserts

When the news of Saddam Hussein’s hanging first became public, I thought there wouldn’t be any way we’d see much mourning for the “Butcher of Baghdad” in the United States.

Leave it to the New York Times to prove me wrong.

“Was there a rush to execute?” screamed the Times. “The United States urged caution prior to the execution!” said CNN. Democratic strategist Laura Schwartz worried about the “methodology” of the execution on Fox News Channel.

After years of Saddam-led raping, torturing, and murdering, I guess the New York Times, CNN, and other assorted bleeding hearts just weren’t quite ready to say good-bye to him.

Can you believe it?

I didn’t think there was much doubt about Saddam’s brutal reign. One thing that even the staunchest of Bush Administration critics seemed to agree on was the pure evilness of Saddam Hussein.

And yet, there it was, in print and over the airwaves: whining and griping and moaning about the execution of one of the most vile, corrupt leaders in the world.

I wonder how many headlines asked if Hitler’s death came too quickly. Then again, he wasn’t executed, he committed suicide. And that, in a nutshell, is what has some liberals in a tizzy. They just can’t stand the thought of anyone facing the death penalty, even a monster like Saddam Hussein.

There’s an intellectual dishonesty among people who pretend to be objective when it comes to something like the execution of a mass murderer. They are simply incapable of acknowledging the administration of justice by putting a fiend to death.

You know, here in the United States we could learn something about the way the Iraqis dispensed justice with Saddam. How many people are currently sitting on death row, people who are guilty beyond any doubt and have been sentenced to death for their crimes? Cop killers, child rapist/murderers, you name it. The dregs of humanity get to sit behind bars, a roof over their heads, receiving three square meals and day, and cable TV to watch. And they receive this existence for years and years as they exhaust their appeals and run through their court-appointed lawyers.

If we really want to reduce crime in the United States, we’d take care of business just the way the Iraqis did. Doesn’t it stand to reason that if some lowlife scum knew that he faced the possibility of a big, fat noose around his neck immediately after being convicted, he’d think twice before killing another human being?

Now I’m sure my sentiments would be enough to drive the editors of the New York Times into a state of total anxiety. If they don’t like seeing Saddam Hussein executed, they sure wouldn’t want to see some creep in America given the same fate.

The victims of Saddam Hussein received the justice they had been waiting for. His execution was swift and just. And as a guest on my radio show explained, there is very little second-guessing and hand-wringing in Iraq over his death. His execution is a major leap towards restoring any semblance of peace in that troubled part of the world. Those whose lives were shattered know that he is never coming back to hurt them again.

Crime victims in America should be so lucky.