Sanctuary City? For whom?

Posted: Dec 08, 2006 12:00 AM
Sanctuary City? For whom?

The cold-blooded murder, captured on video surveillance cameras, was so random and gruesome that even the most hardened and grizzled police detectives were sickened.

One evening last week, a 51-year-old woman who was a loving mother and dedicated employee to an organization that helped the disabled, was leaving her office. She was carrying bags in both hands, perhaps from some lunch hour Christmas shopping or other items to bring home with her.

She had no way of knowing that the 24-year-old man riding in the elevator with her had been in that elevator for some time. The video images showed the Hispanic man riding up and down the elevator before she got on, punching random buttons, evidently looking for someone to rob.

I don’t know if she smiled or said hello as she entered the elevator. But as the two of them reached the first floor and she exited, the video showed the man chambering a pistol. And then, according to Dallas police officials who saw the video, he simply walked up behind her and shot her in the back of the head. As she instinctively turned around to face her killer, he fired again, this time, into her face. The woman crumpled to the floor, the bags now tangled beneath her arms. The monster reached down and tried to pry the bags from her, but he had a difficult time. So he stood up, took aim, and fired a third time into her body, turned and ran away, empty-handed.

The videotape was so clear and vivid that it was easy for anyone who knew him to recognize his face. An arrest was quickly made. When he was described as a “Mexican citizen,” well, you know where this story is going, right?

Another day in America, another murder. The man arrested was no stranger to the police. He had been arrested a number of times and pleaded guilty last year to a robbery charge, a case where he robbed a man at knifepoint.

But what makes this case so particularly galling is that after this “Mexican citizen” was convicted of the robbery, no one in the city of Dallas bothered to report him to immigration officials. While he was technically in the country legally at the time of last year’s robbery, it’s been reported in the Dallas news media that it’s possible that he could have easily been deported back to Mexico. But no one even tried. Dallas-area immigration officials say that the police or district attorney never reported him to them.

And that’s because Dallas is a so-called “sanctuary city”, where the mayor and city council members are a bunch of bleeding hearts who don’t have the guts to stand up for the law and denounce illegal immigrants. They have chosen to coddle illegals. They don’t want their police department or district attorney’s office to be about the business of turning over illegals, or visiting foreigners who break the law, to the feds.

But of course when a brutal murder occurs, everyone points fingers of blame at everyone else. The city blames immigration officials, the immigration folks blame the city.

In fact, the situation is so ridiculous that the spokesman for the Dallas-area immigration office (Immigration Custom Enforcement, or ICE) angrily refused my producer’s invitation to appear on my radio show today. And why should he? What’s he going to say? That yet another bad guy from another country, who had no business being in America, killed another American citizen? Of course he’s angry. It’s a hopeless situation and he knows it. And like the city officials who don’t have the courage to stand up to illegal immigration, he doesn’t have the intestinal fortitude to do his job as a spokesman and try to explain the dire situation on a radio show.

In the middle of this horror, the Texas governor decided to do a little pro-illegal strutting himself. Gov. Rick Perry campaigned for re-election by using a stiff, “secure-the-borders” message. In fact, his TV campaign commercials showed him at the Mexico/Texas border, warning voters about the dangerous people who are coming across the border and how we need to stop it. A few weeks before the November election, he made national headlines when he ordered thousand of National Guardsmen to help patrol the border.

But Wednesday night in Austin, the governor told a bunch of liberal pro-illegal folks what they wanted to hear. A border fence is ludicrous, he said. We shouldn’t be divisive or insensitive by denying birthright citizenship to babies born to illegals, he crowed. We have to be good neighbors to Mexico, he insisted.

Funny how that wasn’t his message when he was running for re-election. It’s a far cry from talking tough at the border in a campaign commercial to worrying about hurting Mexico’s feelings. But what the heck, he won his re-election, his job is safe, why not let his true colors show now? After all, this is the same governor who champions the Trans-Texas Corridor, also known as the “NAFTA Superhighway,” a massive boondoggle of a project that will feature highways and rail service from Mexico, through Texas, and right up the center of the country up to Canada, all under the umbrella of free trade between Mexico, the U.S. and Canada.

So why would anyone be surprised that the Texas governor is soft on illegal immigration?

Someone should pay for this woman’s death. Not just the man who pulled the trigger, but the bureaucrats who sat on their miserable fannies and allowed this broken system of immigration to continue.

As she lay dying, I’m sure a lot of her blood spilled onto the floor of that office building on Greenville Avenue in Dallas. That blood is on the hands of an awful lot of people, starting with the governor and continuing with the Dallas mayor, the city council, LULAC, and everyone else who continues to pretend that we don’t have a nightmare of a problem with immigration in the United States of America.