Mike Gallagher

Mike Gallagher
#NeverTrump Needs a Name Change
By Mike Gallagher
My inbox was filled with excited emails from fellow Republicans reveling in the rough patch that Donald Trump seemed to ...
June 22, 2016
It Is So Tough Being a Conservative These Days
By Mike Gallagher
It is so tough being a conservative these days. When I first heard about published reports that Chick-Fil-A had supposedly ...
September 21, 2012
Why Liberals Hate Teachers
By Mike Gallagher
Editor's note: This piece is excerpted from Mike Gallagher’s "50 Things Liberals Love to Hate." If they Chicago teachers strike ...
September 13, 2012
Why Liberals Hate E Pluribus Unum and the Great Seal
By Mike Gallagher
If you asked a team of expert psychologists and sociological researchers to come up with a design that was sure ...
August 29, 2012
Scoundrel Specter Should Have Stayed Put
By Mike Gallagher
Arlen Specter is a scoundrel. It really doesn’t take much digging or deep analysis to come to this conclusion. His ...
May 20, 2010
A Great American City Has Been Devastated by Flooding
By Mike Gallagher
Has anybody noticed? Nashville seems to be “the forgotten city.” The iconic home of country music, that uniquely American genre, ...
May 13, 2010
Respect and American Flag Tee-Shirts
By Mike Gallagher
Several students at a high school in California wore tee-shirts with American flags on them during Cinco de Mayo day ...
May 10, 2010
Liberals Want to Ignore Immigration Law
By Mike Gallagher
The ink hadn’t even dried from Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer’s signature on the anti-illegal immigration law written by the state ...
April 27, 2010
Excusing Evil
May 15, 2009 |
Why Bother?
By Mike Gallagher
When I had the nerve to suggest that since people from Mexico were bringing a deadly swine flu virus into ...
May 01, 2009
100 Days
April 24, 2009 |
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