Julio Pino: A Genocidal Racist without Moral Authority

Posted: Jun 20, 2007 12:00 AM
Julio Pino: A Genocidal Racist without Moral Authority

In March of this year I met with an agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation who shared my concern that Professor Julio Pino of Kent State University may have ties to Middle Eastern terrorist groups like Al-Quada. I also talked via email and telephone to Jimmy Stewart, a legislator from the State of Ohio. Stewart’s office expressed interest in an investigation of Pino after he admitted his ties to a terrorist website that promoted genocide and the killing of innocent children.

Based upon my faulty assumption that the state and federal government can be trusted to do anything right (I admit I haven’t been listening to Neal Boortz enough lately) I simply turned over the evidence and moved on to cover other stories. Now - even after I have turned over evidence linking Julio Pino and his pro-violence, indeed pro-genocide, activities to his office at Kent State – it appears that the anti-Semitic rodent is raising his head and speaking out again in public. I found the following letter to the editor Pino wrote for an Akron paper just recently:

The forced expulsion of Palestinians to make way for the Zionist colonizers during the 20th century was a crime so brutal it can only be labeled genocide. Apart from being a violation of the human rights of the Palestinians, it also constituted a breach of international law and humanitarian ethics.

Lest you think that Julio Pino is a humanitarian, let me remind you that his blog “Global War” - which I helped shut down - was promoting genocide. Pino has long associated himself with those who seek to eliminate both Israel and America from the face of the planet. Nonetheless, Pino continues:

Our students in Ohio pay tuition to gain a liberal arts education. Too bad most Palestinians of their age are not given the same chance to study for college, or in many cases, even to live that long.

One of the reasons Palestinians do not live long is because they strap bombs to themselves in order to kill innocent Jews. This is something Pino has supported both on his “Global War” blog and in the Kent State University paper. Nonetheless, Pino continues:

The Israeli occupation constitutes infanticide: 749 children under age 18 have been killed by Israeli forces since the beginning of the Intifada (uprising) in 2000, nearly a third of all Palestinian casualties, while 42.3 percent of those wounded during the same time were children.

Note that Pino does not tell us: a) how many of those who strap bombs to themselves are children or, b) what percentage of the Jews killed by suicide bombers are children. Nonetheless, Pino continues:

Some 310 children are still imprisoned in Israeli prisons; 450 children were under 18 when they were arrested. The mental-health survey of Palestinian children for the year 2004 showed that up to 11 percent of children between 5 and 17 suffered from extreme psychological defects such as nervousness and continuous screaming, loneliness, fear of darkness, foul moods, depression and nightmares.

I wonder whether there is any research that can tell us whether Jews who lose loved ones to suicide bombers suffer from “loneliness,” “foul moods,” “depression” or “nightmares.” Also, has anyone ever considered giving a mental health survey to Professor Julio Pino? Nonetheless, Pino continues:

Educators from around the world can contribute to putting an end to this nightmare by demanding of their Israeli colleagues that a fair treatment of the history of this tragic conflict is taught in their classrooms, and equal funding, facilities and stipends be provided for Palestinian pupils.

Julio Pino does not want Palestinians and Jews to be equal. He wants all Jews to be dead. And since he has spent considerable time advancing pro-genocidal speech that is a) intended to invoke violence against Jews (and Americans) and b) is reasonably likely to succeed, he should be removed from his position at Kent State University by members of the National Guard, if necessary.

And, after we get him out of Kent, Ohio, we need to get Julio Pino the hell out of this country.

In fairness to Julio Pino, Mike S. Adams can be reached at (adams_mike@hotmail.com).