Just Say “No” to Right-Wing Censorship

Posted: May 16, 2007 12:18 PM
Just Say “No” to Right-Wing Censorship

Dear “Conservative” Censor:

I am writing in response to your recent request to help you “do something” about a new homosexual student group that has been formed at your local public high school. Specifically, you have asked whether there is anything I can do to help shut the group down. The answer to your question is “yes” there is something I could do to help. But I will not. In fact, I intend to contact the group to help protect them from you and your destructive narrow-mindedness.

It is very difficult for me to understand how you could have heard my recent speech at a luncheon in your hometown and walked away with the idea that I would be on your side in this matter. In fact, during that speech I told the story of a college group I helped as they tried to establish a “Morals Week” on their college campus. In that story, I told of two members of the group who wanted to do away with the school’s “Gay Pride Week.” I also talked about how I made it clear that I would not work with the group unless they agreed to let "Gay Pride Week" stand. The phrases “expanding the marketplace of ideas” and “resisting the natural urge to censor opposing views” were littered throughout the speech.

But you weren’t listening.

Put simply, a person does not suffer a civil death simply because he engages in a sexual act you deem to be offensive, unhealthy, or even sinful. I may agree with your characterizations of these acts (and, let’s face it, I do agree) but I will not help you interfere with the freedoms of association, press, and speech these kids enjoy as citizens of the world’s greatest nation.

As conservatives, our job in responding to gay activists is to prevent them from obtaining “rights” they do not actually have under our constitution. Although I am opposed to sodomy laws - like the one at issue in Lawrence v. Texas - I am also opposed to the idea that there is a constitutional right to sodomy. Similarly, I am all for crunchy peanut butter but I do not think my constitutional rights are violated when only smooth peanut butter is available.

Had you written to tell me that your local high school was sponsoring a “forum” on gay marriage that only presented voices in favor of gay marriage we could have worked something out. In fact, my organization www.DrAdams.org would have been glad to print up pamphlets ridiculing the forum. I might have even made an appearance to ridicule the panelists by asking them whether gay men stop giving oral sex after they get married.

I might have also made an appearance to ask the panelists whether a “queer interpretation” of the Fourteenth Amendment lends support to a constitutional right to polygamy. As conservatives, we should use humor and ridicule to get someone’s attention. But we must also leave him with serious questions to ponder.

Your problem, as I see it, is rooted in a lack of faith in God. Had you sufficient faith in your Creator, you would believe that the best way to combat the sin of homosexuality would be to; a) allow homosexuals to use the First Amendment to promote the falsity of their lifestyle and, b) countered them by using the First Amendment to promote the Truth of yours.

Put simply, there is no better way to illuminate the Truth than by placing it next to untruth. And then you must reach out to those who recognize and respect what you are doing.

The other day, a lifelong atheist wrote to me saying she was moved by a story of forgiveness I had once written about my wife’s side of the family. She was so moved that she said “Mike Adams, you just might make a Christian out of me yet.” When I read her note, I thought that if I did (make a Christian of her) I could die tomorrow and my life would have been well worth living.

Then, a few days later, a funny thing happened. A man wrote me from Australia saying that after reading my columns he and his family had decided to go back to church. On an otherwise gloomy day, I could not have imagined hearing a better thing – even if from a total stranger.

And so the question for you is very simple. How can you change people’s lives by driving them deeper into the closet?