Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard

Posted: Feb 28, 2007 12:00 AM
Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard

Yesterday afternoon, I logged on to the "Global War" blog ( of Associate Professor Julio Pino – a Muslim convert who teaches at Kent State University. The heading for the site used to read "The Worldwide Web of Jihad: Daily News from the Most Dangerous Muslim in America." Now it reads "Are You Prepared for Jihad?" IN THE NAME OF OBL. 2007: THE YEAR OF ISLAMIC VICTORY!"

Hardly able to believe what I was reading, I called Pino at his office in Ohio around 4 p.m. According to his secretary, he had not been at work that day (he only has office hours two days of the week). He was drawing a paycheck from the people of the State of Ohio while trying to launch a Jihad against people like me. In fact, just five minutes before I called he posted an entry under the title "Crusaders Can’t Take Anymore in Afghanistan!"

Pino began his morning of not going into his office at Kent State by penning a post under the title “Frightened British Crusaders Rush More Troops to Occupied Afghanistan.” Using terms like “occupation” and “Crusaders” it isn’t really necessary to read these posts in order to ascertain who this employee of the State of Ohio is rooting for in the War on Terror.

But, just in case you were curious about the purpose of this site, it is provided in the upper right corner: "We are a jihadist news service, and provide battle dispatches, training manuals, and jihad videos to our brothers worldwide. All we want is to get Allah’s pleasure. We will write ‘Jihad’ across our foreheads, and the stars. The angels will carry our message throughout the world."

There is also an "Oath of Freedom" in the upper right corner: "We were born free. We will live freely and when death comes to us, we will die freely. Jihad is changing all that can be changed; freeing ourselves through our own efforts; and the conviction that truth will prevail, inshallah."

Under the entry "Sister Detonates Herself to Eliminate Shia Traitors" there is a description of a female suicide bomber who recently killed 41 people. Just in case you wondered how the host of the site feels about the suicide bomber, the next line tells you: "Now she lies on the Golden Couch of Paradise."

Despite his clear support of mass murder, he once complained that the Jews were engaged in genocide against the Palestinians. He claimed that as a result of that assertion, he was "harassed" and received "death threats."

I’ve always assumed that a person who advocates mass murder runs the risk of getting an occasional death threat in the office. Maybe Pino isn’t really the "Most Dangerous Muslim in America." Maybe he’s just a pro-Palestinian pansy whose cushy job with the State of Ohio lets him hide inside his house while real men are doing the work that keeps this great nation going.

But, just to be fair to Pino, he is more balanced in his teaching than a lot of my colleagues at UNC-Wilmington. In fact, he’s even willing to criticize an occasional Democrat. He says that John F. Kennedy once planned "genocide against the Cuban people" in the 1960s. He also claims that President Bill Clinton killed "more than 500,000 Iraqi children" in the 1990s.

Although obsessed with the notion that America is being over-run by "Christian fascism," he has affectionately referred to his students his "little Jihadists" and his "beloved Taliban." In other words, he makes no bones about the fact that he works to indoctrinate, not educate, the children of the taxpayers of the State of Ohio.

Many people believe that Julio Pino deserves to be fired because of his public statements about the War on Terror. I disagree. A simple firing is too light a punishment.

Dr. Julio Pino, for his decision to "provide battle dispatches, training manuals, and jihad videos to our (enemies) worldwide" deserves to be arrested and sent to an island off the coast of North America, striped naked, interrogated, and, if necessary, tortured to ascertain the extent of his involvement in assisting our enemies.

After we are done with him, he is free to return to Ohio. That is unless, of course, he is found to be something more than a professorial pansy posing as a genuine Jihadist.

Dr. Pino is still afraid to return Dr. Adams calls. Allah seems to have blessed the Cuban convert with an unusually small "julio-ju dilly."