Colleges to Avoid: Part V

Posted: Nov 20, 2006 12:00 AM

Dr. Adams,

Explain to me how George W. Bush was admitted to Harvard's Business School when he was a self described "C" student at Yale. Please add how you think this affects his psyche, being so clearly admitted on something other than his qualifications. I know you will not respond, because an honest engagement with affirmative action would take into account the privilege, mostly enjoyed by whites, that affirmative action was intended to address, and you avoid this matter all together in your column. I ask, again, how did the President get into Harvard's Business School with his grades? And, tell me, do you really believe that he is the only unqualified white man to have reaped the most sought after advantages our country has to offer?

Mark Jefferson

Mark: I assume you are black. Are you also, by chance, a homosexual?

Mike Adams

Perhaps, you should have assumed that I am an attorney at a Manhattan firm with a lot of friends-- some who are conservatives. I will be in contact with your administrators. Thanks for placing your coded venom in an email format.

Mark Jefferson


I found the following information about you on the University of Michigan website:

Mark Jefferson
Title: Student, Law
E-Mail Address:

Are you still a law student?

Mike Adams

(No Response from Mark)

Hi Mark!

I've been thinking about your previous threat to contact my "administrators" because I asked you what special interest/victim status groups you belong to - please pardon the end of this sentence as I placed it here to avoid ending with a preposition!

Your threat has me very frightened. I fear that if you contact the administration they might find out about my opposition to affirmative action or even my opposition to the homosexual lifestyle. They might even find out about my website ( I've also been criticizing them in a national column for years and I so desperately want to keep it a secret.

Is there some way we can work this out before you end my career? Please respond, Mark. Please!!

Mike S. Adams

p.s. Please disregard this part of the email as I put it here to avoid ending with a proposition!

(No Response from Mark)

Hello again, Mark. I'm looking for evidence of your employment at a Manhattan law firm. Can you provide me with the name of the firm and the email address of your boss? That's only fair since you intend to email my boss. In fairness, let me provide the same information about my employer. It is UNC-Wilmington and the email address for my boss is

. By the way, her name is Rosemary but she prefers to be called Her Majesty or Queen DePaolo.

Mike S. Adams

(No Response from Mark)

Mark, I am so sorry but in the middle of this little pissing contest it has dawned on me that I never answered your question about George W. Bush and affirmative action. Actually, I’m glad you chose the President as an example because we both applied to law school at The University of Texas. Despite his wealthy background, Bush did not get into UT Law. And, despite my poor Mississippi roots, I did. If you would like confirmation of the fact that none of my four grandparents graduated from college, I would be glad to provide it for you. As one who has relatives who go by names like Mamie Del, Aunt (pronounced “ain’t”) Ophelia, and Uncle Peanut I resent your suggestion that I benefit from a “white privileged” upbringing. I can go head to head with the likes of a George W. Bush and beat him without the help of affirmative action. So can anyone else if he will simply get off his whining (backside) and channel all of the energy he puts into climbing the victim ladder somewhere else; namely, into hard work.

Put simply, if you can’t make it in this country without a handout, you can’t make it anywhere. Get to work or get the hell out of the country. That’s my philosophy. Have I answered your questions about affirmative action, Mark?

Mike S. Adams

p.s. Do you really work for a Manhattan law firm?

(No Response from Mark)

Mark, you will be pleased to know that this is the final email I am sending to you. The principal purpose of this last note is to let you know that The University of Michigan is now the fifth institution of higher learning to be featured in my “Colleges to Avoid” series. Presently, the list is as follows:

  1. Champlain College
  2. Georgia Institute of Technology
  3. UNC-Greensboro
  4. The University of Texas
  5. The University of Michigan

There are three reasons why your school has made the list. They follow in order of importance:

  1. I have received more emails from Michigan alums criticizing their alma mater – almost always for intellectual intolerance - than any other school in America.
  2. I have concluded – from her recent public statements - that the University of Michigan president has no intention of respecting the Michigan voters’ recent statement against affirmative action. I fully expect the school to violate the law because the administration is simply lawless and arrogant.
  3. I have received more annoying emails from addresses in the last several years – copied to my bosses and calling for my termination – than any other school in America. You join a long list of narrow-minded feminists, transvestites, and homosexuals who have tried to get me fired from UNC-Wilmington by contacting my bosses.

I hope my readers use the information in this column to send you a loud message that your tactics against me will only backfire. I am a man willing to lose his job for his convictions. I’m not some spineless coward posing as an influential lawyer in a Manhattan law firm.

Would you like my chancellor’s phone number, too?