Operation cockroach

Posted: Jun 12, 2006 12:04 AM
The 2005-2006 academic year was, by far, the best I’ve had since moving to the front lines of the campus cultural wars. Several First Amendment victories were won this year by simply threatening federal litigation. Others are in the process of being litigated with prospects looking good.

On the heels of these positive developments, I have but one thing in mind: I want to turn up the heat further on these sorry bastards. (Author’s note: the term “bastard” does not refer to illegitimate children but, instead, to unprincipled college administrators).

Towards that end, DrAdams.org will be hiring its first permanent employee on June 15th. This person’s job will include oversight of a little initiative I call “Operation Cockroach.” This operation, which actually began last week, involves the following steps:

Removing religious fanatics from the Mike Adams readership.

Last week, I ran a series of columns on Mormonism. In the first installment, I voiced my refusal to buy into the notion that all Mormons are “cultists.” I also refused to say that all Mormons are “non-Christians.” For the most part, I received polite emails from those who disagreed. Those who, for example, wanted to argue that you can’t possibly be both Mormon and Christian usually began arguing with some variation of “I respectfully disagree and here’s why.” They generally ended arguments with some variation of “although we disagree, I eagerly await your future columns.”

But numerous anti-Mormon religious fanatics also wrote saying they had lost respect for me and would no longer read my columns. I thank God for the loss of that Kool-Aid sipping portion of my readership.

Among the Mormons, the response was predictable. Most wrote expressing thanks to me for taking the time to study The Book of Mormon and other credible sources about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (LDS). They also thanked me for relying solely on sources recommended by LDS members - carefully avoiding anti-Mormon hit pieces throughout my research. For the most part, those readers reminded me that the Mormons view the U.S. Constitution as divinely inspired. Many offered words of encouragement for my defense of the First Amendment – even after I criticized their religion. I consider them valuable allies against a common enemy.

But the Joseph Smith-worshipping LDS crackpots (a vocal minority) also wrote – mostly to remind me that Smith was appointed by God to provide divine revelations, not Mike Adams. Dubbing me “ignorant” and a “liar” they urged me to keep my mouth shut or face eternal damnation. I also thank God that these Kool-Aid guzzlers have pledged to stop reading my columns.

Now that I am armed with a sizable reading audience devoid (hopefully) of religious fanatics, I am ready to proceed with the next phase of the operation.

Establishing a pro bono PI network.

A couple of years ago, I established a pro bono legal network. Since then, my forty lawyers have provided valuable assistance in fighting the campus cultural wars all across the nation. But now, I need to establish another pro bono network consisting of private investigators.

I’ve lost several good stories in recent months because I couldn’t quite get the verification needed to put something in print. For example, I could have used a North Carolina PI to help verify some information about a wealthy donor to one of the schools in the UNC system. There is credible evidence that the donor used her influence in the athletic department to force an orthodox Christian girl off an athletic quad because of her views about lesbianism. There is also evidence that the school knows about the incident and is still taking her money and naming scholarships after the anti-Christian bigot.

I could use a PI’s help on at least one aspect of this case and also on many others. Expertise in small electronic listening devices is desirable, but not necessary. Write me at www.DrAdams.org if you can help.

Establishing an e-newsletter to harass lawless administrators.

Last winter, I was involved in a Christmas tree controversy at Auburn. I wrote a column criticizing the school for renaming it a “Holiday tree.” It was fun to rib Auburn’s PC crowd about their ignorance of the connection between the phrase “holy day” and word “holiday.” But it was even more fun when 20,000 people wrote Auburn to convince them to reverse their position. Because Neal Boortz posted my column on his site (http://www.Boortz.com) and Sean Hannity read my column on his radio show, there was an outpouring of public protest. Around that time, I realized I needed to establish my own mailing list of about 20,000 people.

The DrAdams.org e-newsletter is currently under construction. Those who have purchased my book on the website have already been put on the list. But, don’t be alarmed, dear readers. You don’t have to buy the book to get on the mailing list. It’s much easier than that. And more details are in the column to follow.