Buck naked at Bucknell

Posted: May 15, 2006 12:05 AM
Recently, feminists at Bucknell University sponsored an event that looked more like a Duke Lacrosse party than a celebration of feminist diversity. On March 8, Bucknell's so-called Feminist Majority - along with groups like the Women’s and Gender Studies Department, the Center for the Study of Race, Gender, and Ethnicity, and the Office of Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender Awareness - paid $1,920 for a strip show at Bucknell.

Billed as a "celebration of whore culture" the show was euphemistically titled the "Sex Workers Art Show." It featured a group of hookers, phone sex operators, smut writers, porn stars, and one woman who appeared via her 24-hour porn website.

One of the acts included a woman stripping on a trapeze. Another featured a woman coming out wearing nothing but duct tape on her nipples and panties while running through the audience to “Mission Impossible” music and looking for clothes. While another woman was doing a strip tease, a large man was rapping about "ho ass ni**ers" - like Kirby Puckett and Harriet Tubman – and, just for added shock value, lubing himself.

What made the event even worse in the eyes of some campus conservatives was last year’s response to the Conservatives Club’s hosting of Dr. Christina Hoff Sommers. Her trip to campus to talk about "equity feminism" was poorly received by some of Bucknell’s feminist leaders.

When the Women’s and Gender Studies Department (who funded the sex workers) was asked if they would like to cosponsor the Sommers lecture, first they said they lacked funding. The full email response to the president of the conservative club (Dominic Rupprecht) is copied below:

From: Katherine Faull (faull@bucknell.edu)
Subject: Re: BUCC Speakers 2004-2005

Dear Dominic,

Thanks for the reminder of the Hoff Sommers event. WGS coordinating committee has discussed the issue and decided that we are not in a position to co-sponsor her talk.

Sorry we can't help with this speaker.

Katherine Faull

When Rupprecht later wrote and asked if they would like to cosponsor without contributing money they again rejected the club because "several members of the board had serious concerns about the intellectual integrity of (Sommer’s) work." The full email response is copied below:

From: Katherine Faull (faull@bucknell.edu)
Subject: Re: BUCC Speakers 2004-2005

Dear Dominic,

The reasons behind our not wishing to co-sponsor the Hoff Sommers event are not only financial. Several of the members of the Board had serious concerns about the intellectual integrity of her work and did not think that the Program should endorse her talk.

Maybe we can work together in the future to find speakers we would both agree on.


Katherine Faull

The translation of the above email is simple: The WGS will co-sponsor an event with the Conservative Club as soon as Bucknell conservatives accept the fact that feminists are a) tolerant of leftist speech no matter how devoid of intellectual integrity, and b) intolerant of conservative speech no matter how strong the evidence or how compelling the logic.

In addition to this problem of generalized intolerance, the feminists in Bucknell’s Women and Gender Studies Department have a specific fear of Sommers. Anyone who has ever read the classic “Who Stole Feminism?” knows Sommers’ record for exposing extremism in the feminist movement.

For example, when Sommers attended a National Women’s Studies Association conference, she documented some disturbing activities including a booth offering videos on do-it-yourself menstrual extractions and home abortions for those who wanted to avoid “patriarchal medicine.” Certainly, Bucknell feminists do not want her on campus because she will find out about (and then write about) extremism at Bucknell including the celebration of strippers, porn stars, and prostitutes.

But Dominic Rupprecht is not as cynical as Mike Adams. He has written directly to the feminists to give them an opportunity to offer an innocent explanation for their apparent hypocrisy. Unfortunately, when specifically asked by Rupprecht, the feminists have never responded to the question of what qualifications hookers have that a PhD New York Times bestseller – by the name of Christina Hoff Sommers - does not.

I think that everyone reading this column should write to Professor Faull demanding an answer. Just in case you missed it, her email address is faull@bucknell.edu.