God made me transgendered

Posted: May 11, 2006 12:05 AM
Author’s Note: Dr. Adams would like to thank the liberal readers who took the bait and served as unpaid copy editors for yesterday’s column, “Involuntary Servitude.”

Recently, I got the following email from Brian - a Transgendered person (hereafter with a capital “T” to reflect the superior insight of people who have had sex changes) who I assume was once named Brianna:

The fact that you are in a position to teach young people, yet espouse your bigoted views, shows what an immoral person you are. Jesus says not to judge others, yet you choose to condemn a segment of society, not for their moral value, but instead, out of your dislike for the fact that they are not close enough to your ideology to allow yourself to feel comfortable. Their is no moral issue of someone that needs to pursue a transgendered lifestyle, as it usually is the only means that one afflicted can avoid suicide. Trans people can live as morally as anyone else in society, they have just altered their appearance to feel more comfortable with themselves.

The fact that you consider yourself to be a religious person is especially disheartening. I was raised with a Christian upbringing, and yet what I see is the religious right doing everything possible to condemn, degrade, and stop anyone that is different from them. This is not what God teaches.

I am a transgendered person, not by choice, it is the way God made me. I need to deal with that, and I will. I do not have to deal with intolerance from bigots. I feel sorry for you in your close bigoted world. I think that it is people like you that have made religious ideology the main reason people die in wars all across the world. Your views show yourself as being no better than the terrorists around the world targeting other innocent victims. Congratulations on your Jihad against other creatures of God.

Reading this missive (actually it used to be a missive, now it’s a mister-ive) inspired a few questions for my Transgendered critic. They follow in their natural and surgically unaltered form:

1. Why did you say that “Jesus says not to judge others” just one sentence after calling me an “immoral person”? Is calling someone “immoral” a judgment? Is calling someone “immoral” immoral?

2. Where in the New Testament does Jesus say not to judge others? I thought he warned of the consequences of hypocritical judgment.

3. Doesn’t the New Testament contain more references to hell than the Old Testament? Who keeps making those references?

4. You state that I “choose to condemn a segment of society, not for their moral value, but instead, out of (my) dislike for the fact that they are not close enough to (my) ideology.” Why did you then categorically judge the “religious right” in the next paragraph? Was that what Jesus was talking about when he said “Judge not, lest ye be judged”? Was it merely hypocrisy that he was talking about?

5. When you state that “this is not what God teaches” are you suggesting that there is only one interpretation of the Bible? Are you a fundamentalist? Were you born that way? In other words, did God make you that way?

6. When you state that God made you Transgendered, didn’t you mean to say that God made you a woman? Didn’t you surgically subvert the will of God? God didn’t actually perform the surgery, did he?

7. I have spent a good deal of time in prisons. I once spoke to a pedophile. Did God make him that way? Was acting on his impulse to rape children the will of God?

8. Is criticizing the Transgendered morally equivalent to mass murder?

9. Do you mean to suggest that I am morally unqualified to teach because I believe that the Transgendered are mentally ill? Why can’t you just allow me to make these statements outside the workplace without your moral condemnation? Who was it who said “I do not have to deal with intolerance from bigots”? Wasn’t that you?

10. If you people want to be left alone, why do you keep writing me? And why do you keeping bothering my colleagues and so-called superiors with letters asking for me to be fired?


Mike S. Adams