Welcome to UNC-We love kiddieporn

Posted: Apr 05, 2006 12:05 AM
UNC-Wilmington has a new scandal on its hands that may well cause supporters of the diversity movement to seriously rethink their position on moral relativism – the underlying philosophy of the diversity movement. Perhaps it is more accurate to say that some will begin to seriously think about their commitment to relativism for the first time.

The current controversy began when library staff noticed that a number of visitors to the library have been viewing pornography on the library's computers. The controversy gained momentum when one witness reported seeing someone viewing child pornography.

The response of various UNCW administrators may be more surprising than the fact that people are viewing porn in the library. The UNCW student newspaper, The Seahawk, quotes UNCW General Counsel Eileen Goldgeier as saying “Child pornography and obscenity are a violation of the law and will not be tolerated.”

Goldgeier’s statement is tough to take seriously if you’ve been watching the UNC diversity movement in recent years. For example, UNCG’s tolerance of child pornography led to the school decision to admit a convicted pedophile even after he disclosed his record on his application. After the Office of Student Life hired him he helped hire a porn star to lecture on “safe sodomy.” There were $3000 in state funds used to fund (read: tolerate) that little dose of obscenity.

And I’ll forego a lengthy discussion of UNCW’s housing of Playboy in the library for so many years. That continued even after one of our students was featured as Playmate of the Month. Want to see your classmate in the nude? You can just head over to Randall Library. But, of course, we don’t tolerate obscenity at UNCW.

And the porn film shown at UNC-Asheville really wasn’t obscene. That people were naked and having sex on film - in front of 200 students on university property - is irrelevant. The film’s sponsor claimed that Asian men are under-represented in porn. Since the naked copulating people were Asian, it was seen as advancing the university’s diversity mission.

The viewing of child pornography at UNCW has also been accompanied by the printing of pornography on all types on university computers. This means I now have to apologize to Chancellor Rosemary DePaolo. Previously, I thought that the chronic paper shortages were caused by her incompetence. But now I know that it’s actually due to the congregation of sex perverts in Randall Library. Of course, that’s her fault, too, for being such an uncritical supporter of “diversity.”

As usual, the Women’s Resource Center was asked to weigh in on the issue in the recent Seahawk article. Their statement was confusing: “There are many complex issues involved here: censorship, the suppression of women's (emphasis mine) sexuality, production of pornography and sexual exploitation and cultural beliefs about gender and sex.”

Well, not really. As much as the WRC would like to see this issue as one revolving around gender, it should not. The UNCG student/employee who was hired after felony convictions for possession of pictures of child porn had pictures of eight-year-old boys being sodomized. It would have been no worse had the victims been eight-year-old girls. At some point, one simply maxes out on the perversion index.

If the WRC is interested in “art” that degrades women, they should head to the UNCW Recreation Center. Years ago, they kept playing “killing bitches and hos” rap until we (my wife and I) finally found another place to exercise. If they’re still doing it, that should give the feminists something constructive to do (for once). After all, they’ve never played “killing bastards and pimps” tunes at the Recreation Center. Sounds like sexism to me.

Library employee Sue Cody probably had the most insightful comment about the porn controversy. She was quoted in The Seahawk as saying "If I find that offensive, I should be able to say please go to a different site, turn off the computer, or whatever I need to say to have the porn off the computer. They are hogging up a computer that a student needs to use to study."

Sue Cody is right on target. At least someone working at UNCW recognizes that not all ideas are equal. The kiddie porn in the pervert’s computer station is of less value than the work the student needs to complete for his classes. Maybe all ideas (and speech) really aren’t equal. Maybe the Office of Campus Diversity (not to mention the postmodern English Department) is wrong to suggest that nothing is inherently wrong.

That UNCW is considered a safe haven for perverts and pedophiles should come as no surprise. People come to our campus because they seek a place free from moral judgments. And, now, we are reaping the consequences of years of funding the contradictory notion that there is absolutely no basis for moral absolutism.

A wise man recently said that our ideas of moral relativism and tolerance can only be tolerated as long as no one takes them seriously. I can think of no stronger indictment against the mantra of diversity. I guess that’s why I said it.