Hate Mails of the Year: 2005

Posted: Dec 29, 2005 12:05 AM

Several readers of my last column asked why I’ve never run a full column of my favorite liberal love letters, which are more commonly referred to as “hate mail.” Given that I a) did run such a column in 2004 and, b) regularly post such e-mails on www.DrAdams.org I was deeply offended by the suggestion. But, nonetheless, I offer this year’s highlights (and my responses) for your reading pleasure.

I’ve emjoyed [sic] some of your columns but this is the second time I heard [sic] use the term “illegitimate” baby. As a single mother, I think that is insulting. Each person has a right to choose her own morality. Please respect others.  - Kathy

Kathy, what would you say if I told you that you could avoid having more illegitimate babies by having sex with animals?  - Mike Adams

I would sy [sic] you are sick. What is your point? - Kathy

My point is that we agree on something. Bestiality is immoral. Do you think that it will become moral once Kathy and Mike are dead? I hope you will give me a direct answer. - Mike Adams

No, it won’t suddenly become moral when we die. That is a stupid thing to say. - Kathy

Thank you for admitting that some truths are transcendent and timeless. That means they are not contingent on our feelings and subjective choices. Please, do not teach your child that “each person has a right to choose her own morality.” I don’t believe that. And neither do you. - Mike Adams

Sent by: Anthony Brown: Admit it, your [sic] a closet homo yourself. Usually people that go this far to degrade gays are gay themselves. I equate Republicans with hate groups. Have a nice day. ps. Its [sic] ok to be gay!

Hi Anthony! The article also took a shot at the Arab Student Association. Does that mean I’m a closet Arab? Dear God, does it mean I’m a closet Arab homo? I need to know, Anthony! If the Arabs find out, what do you think they’ll do? I sure hope the Arabs are more tolerant than the Republicans! Have a nice day.  Ps. it’s ok to run the spell-checker! - Mike Adams

Very clever. It was very clever how you pretended to be offended by comments on a women's group web page. How amusing that the comments of your readers prompted them to remove the comments.

But sexual harassment isn't amusing. I've known several women who had been sexually harassed, and it isn't amusing at all. It's usually the weak that get harassed. Their weakness not only attracts bullies but makes it difficult for them to stand up. Some might think that perhaps they should live a life of misery just because they're weak.

Candelaria is a weak person. Uneducated, once an illegal immigrant (now legal), the single mother of several kids none of whom she is capable of caring for financially or emotionally. She was harassed at her job. She was miserable yet did not take action fearing retribution. After the encouragement of a caring friend and prayers (yeah, I believe in that stuff), she was able to stand up for herself.

She contacted the headquarters of the restaurant she worked for. She was afraid to name names but did mention that the cooks were the perpetrators. The next day the cooks were called to a meeting and told to STOP!! The harassment stopped. Another waitress said to Candelaria, "May God bless whoever spoke up." Other women had been harassed also.

Thanks to a caring friend and fervent prayers, she overcame her weakness.

Imagine what would have taken place if her concerns were merely ridiculed like you did.  - Chubby Dave

Dear Chubby Dave,

The fundamental difference that you fail to grasp is that I ridiculed a bunch of sexists who were engaging in harassment (according to their own definition), not the victims of harassment. Nonetheless, I cried when I read your story. I really mean that Chubby. Or is it Dave?

Please note: I would never have sexually harassed Candelaria. I would have tossed her undocumented ass out of the country. - Mike Adams

Dear Dr. Adams: It is not liberals' fault that your father wouldn't play ball with you when you were little, you secretly love men, and you have a four-inch penis. Grow up! - Susan

Dear Susan: Sorry I missed your email. I was talking baseball on the phone with my dad. It's no secret that I love all men and women (spiritually, of course) but, please, stop telling half-truths about my hoo-hoo-dilly. In return, I promise not to talk about your cha cha. - Mike Adams

So now I read that you think homosexuality is a choice. Figures. Only homosexuals in denial can possibly think it's a choice. Think about it. I couldn't choose to be gay any more than I can choose to like broccoli. I find both totally against my constitution. If one can "choose" to be gay, then you must be "choosing" to be straight. Translation: you're gay. I shoulda known...how many times must it happen before people get the picture? You rant and rant about gay issues...and the next thing you know you're busted giving promises to gay men on the web. LOL   Go on, keep hating gays. Maybe you'll stop hating yourself one day... - jmr   P.S. Not that there's anything wrong with it. You can be gay and I'll still be on your side on the fight against liberalism in America. Just don't be a hater.

Dear JMR: I was deeply offended by your disparaging remarks about broccoli. Face it, JMR, deep down inside, you are really a piece of broccoli. Not that there's anything wrong with it. Most liberals are vegetables. I hope my comments don't get you steamed. They were only in jest. - Mike S. Adams

May 2005: Dear Dr. Adams: I read with great interest your recent article "Red Headed Woodpeckers." Tell me Dr., how come you kill deer and watch birds? Why don't you put down your rifle and watch them both? - Raymond

Hi Raymond. That's a good question, with a simple answer. I like the taste of roasted venison, but not roasted woodpecker. Let me know if I can be of further assistance, Ray. - Mike Adams

Funny guy. Tell me this, Dr. Smartass, have you EVER given money to a panhandler? -Raymond

No, Raymond, I haven't. What's your point? - Mike Adams

My point is that if you feed birds and not the homeless, you are (sic) pompous, hypocritical ass. Obviously, you value the birds more than the homeless. - Raymond

I don't have a problem with that, Raymond. The birds don't steal my hubcaps and crack dealers don't accept seeds. - Mike Adams

Dr. Adams: If you do not stop using so much sarcasm in your columns, I will have to stop reading. Stop trying to be Ann Coulter. - Richard

Hi Richard. Most people like the sarcasm. I’m sorry you don’t. For some reason, though, you seem to have superior insight. I’ve never received an email from you before but, somehow, you seem to have better judgment than anyone else. I am going to stop using sarcasm right now. I mean that. I really mean that. - Mike Adams

It’s so very sad to see those beautiful creatures (on your website) lying lifeless because of so-called “sport.” I hope you had a wonderful time with your killing. - Diane Kuszyk

Not nearly as much fun as I had eating them. The BBQ deer ribs we had on Friday night were delicious. I do regret that my second shot (to the lung) destroyed some of those tasty morsels. The tenderloin kabobs we had on Saturday night were even better. Would you be interested in a recipe? - Mike Adams

Dr. Adams, I recently read your diatribe against trans-gendered baqthrooma (sic). You are such a pompous as*. You stand at the urinal of righteous indignation. Just go ahead and dive in. And movew (sic) over Rush Limbaugh. - Jackie

Dear Jackie, Pardon me for assuming that "baqthrooma" refers to "bathroom." I only speak English. Otherwise, I appreciate urinalysis of the situation. Movew over Albert Einstein! - Mike Adams