Two letters on Christmas morning

Posted: Dec 25, 2005 9:05 AM

Since it is Christmas, I only have about fifteen minutes to write this note. I probably don’t have time to run the spell-checker either. So forgive me if this reads a lot like liberal hate mail.

This morning I opened my inbox to find two letters – one from a detractor, the other from a supporter. I can’t really quote much from the former. It was just the usual liberal love mail. “I hate you.” “You are irrelevant.” “I make more money than you.” “So just #$%& #@! and die.” And a really good postscript followed: “I want to douse your children in gasoline and light them with one of your Cuban cigars.”

When I read that last line, I laughed so hard I almost dropped my .44 magnum. And since I don’t have children, I calmly lit another cigar as I opened another letter.

The second letter was more positive. It was from a friend in Charlotte. His daughter, Laura, a student at Auburn, was recently involved in a fight to have the “Holiday tree” re-named a “Christmas tree” in an effort to turn the tables on political correctness.

What he reported to me was good news. Auburn University has reversed itself and will return to the tradition of calling the Christmas tree what it is – a Christmas tree, not a Holiday tree  – again next year.

It wasn’t just the result that surprised me; it was the reason behind it. According to Laura, the Auburn SGA received over 20,000 emails in support of the Christmas tree resolution after the SGA email address was hyper-linked in a single Town Hall column. It also helped that Sean Hannity read portions of the article on his nationally syndicated radio show while Neal Boortz – himself a Town Hall columnist and nationally syndicated radio host - posted the article on his webpage.

The response got me thinking about an article I wrote last year exposing a Texas professor who said we had already lost the war in Iraq – and was pleased at the alleged military defeat. After I hyperlinked his email address in a column, he complained to me that he got 271 mostly nasty emails that “filled up his box.”

So, what difference does a year make? It sounds to me like I gained about 19,729 letter-writing allies this year.

I just wanted to thank them all before I head to the in-laws for Christmas dinner. Man, I can hardly wait until this time next year. Much to the chagrin of my friends at Alabama, I might even spend Christmas at Auburn.

Merry Christmas, everyone!