Bosom Ballet at Bowling Green

Posted: Oct 27, 2005 12:05 AM

Warning: College campuses aren't just institutions of higher learning anymore.  This article contains references that may be offensive to some readers.

Dear President Ribeau (President – Bowling Green State University, 220 McFall Center, Bowling Green, OH, 419-372-2211):

I am writing to ask some questions about an adult entertainment star and “sex educator” named Annie Sprinkle who recently spoke in front of a full crowd of people at your publicly-funded institution of higher learning.

According to an article by Matt Manning in the student newspaper (The BG News), “Sprinkle has bared it all for her career — from starring in over 150 mainstream pornographic films, to authoring a series of books about sexual intimacy, to lecturing and providing workshops to audiences around the country and using her profession as the basis of her art, and her breast paintings. She is better known for her films, and being an innovator in the feminist movement.”

Manning’s article also refers to Sprinkle as a “San Francisco-based ‘pleasure activist’” who was born a “shy, sensitive girl” and later “changed to Annie Sprinkle.” Apparently, she later became best-known in her porno film career for her “animated orgasms” starring in films like “Porn Flakes” and as director of “Inside Annie Sprinkle.”

According to the article, in her lecture at Bowling Green State, Sprinkle “went through a few of her most memorable performances in segments of films, taking us through her first interracial scene and her first girl-on-girl scene” saying that “was the point we (the porn stars) discovered shaving our p***ies.”

It touched my heart to read that “Looking back on her life and her film career” Sprinkle “has no regrets.”

I was also touched to learn that, in 1991, Sprinkle decided to stop making mainstream porn when she began making safe “sex movies” and writing books about “the intimacy of sex.”

But what most warms my heart is the fact that, while at Bowling Green State, Sprinkle shared part of a performance she calls the “Bosom Ballet.” I understand that the students saw her remove her top, clutch her breasts and shake them to the sounds of the music. This was shortly before she took off a red wig to reveal her bald head.

According to the student newspaper, Sprinkle also handed out 15 “Aphrodite Awards” honoring people who had taught sex education or expressed themselves “using nudity or sexual content.”

My questions follow, President Ribeau:

1. Is this the breast possible speaker you could have hired to cover this topic?

2. How badly did you milk the taxpayers in order to pay for this event?

3. Is your university udderly insane?

4. Does Annie Sprinkle know that you should not expose your breasts in public? Or does she just have a bad mammary?

5. Are these questions sufficiently titillating to elicit a response?

I look forward to hearing back from you.


Mike S. Adams