That takes ovaries!

Posted: May 24, 2005 12:00 AM

This week's column will be difficult to write as I am mired in a deep state of depression. It seems my recent application for Director of the Women's Resource Center (WRC) at UNC-Wilmington was rejected just four days after it was submitted. I learned the bad news when I read the following memo from the interim WRC Director:

The university thanks you for your application for the directorship of the Women's Resource Center. The search committee, however, is unable to consider your application because you did not submit a complete applicant package prior to the posted deadline of May 9, 2005 (your c.v. is missing).

Well, it's a good thing Wilmington doesn't have any tall buildings. If so, I would probably jump off one right now, having made such a careless mistake.

What was it that possessed me to assume that the university where I am currently employed has a copy of my c.v. (or curriculum vita) on file? I should have just sent another copy, ignoring the scores of memos we get telling us to eliminate all unnecessary paperwork during the current budgetary crisis. (They never remind us to resume unnecessary paperwork when those periodic crises are over. But we do it anyway.)

Some of my readers may assume that the WRC rejection letter was merely a contrived excuse to deny me a fair shot at the job-based on either my gender, my politics, or my extensive gun collection. Some would even say that such a blatant display of discrimination by our feminists really takes ovaries.

When I got this rejection letter, I was also reminded of the time I served as a search committee chair at UNCW. I could have sworn that the (now former) Human Resources Director had once instructed me and other members of my department on some subtle ways to attract candidates from "historically under-represented populations." For example, I remember that we were encouraged to contact them (but we don't call them "them" because that will offend them) personally if one or more items were missing from the application package.

Since no man has ever been a WRC Director at UNC-Wilmington, I think that makes me a member of one of those "historically under-represented populations." The interim WRC director could have walked all 200 yards from her office to mine to pick up a copy of my curriculum vita. That way she could have (literally) reached out to a member of an "historically under-represented population." Now I'm beginning to think that "historically under-represented population" means black, female, or gay. Unfortunately, I'm not a black lesbian and can't afford the surgery to become one.

Some might say that the WRC isn't making an adequate effort to reach out to me. Some would even say that such blatant discrimination really takes ovaries.

Adding to my depression over this rejection is the recent revelation that all six members of the WRC search committee are registered Democrats. To make matters worse, the only man on the search committee (the host of a gay website) is also the Vice Chairman of the New Hanover County Democratic Party.

Some will recall that in the past the WRC has been labeled as a slush fund for the Democratic Party. Given those accusations, many would say that the decision to use an all-Democrat search committee-one that even includes a Democratic Party official-is a blatant display of discrimination by the WRC.

And some would say that such discrimination really takes ovaries.  But I disagree with any assertion that the women at the WRC have ovaries.  They are, in my opinion, the most petty and cowardly group of activists on our campus.  And I can back up my opinion.

In one book, and in a series of editorials dating back to 2002, I have accused the WRC of illegally and immorally engaging in religious discrimination and of violating the constitutional requirement of viewpoint neutrality in the regulation of a public forum and in the distribution of public funds. These accusations are serious. Nevertheless, my application gave them a chance to respond to my serious accusations in a forum where they outnumbered me six-to-one.

But they still cowered away.

My characterization of these women as discriminatory cowards raises serious questions. For example:

Why doesn't the local CPC that was denied access to the WRC site-allegedly because they were "explicitly Christian"-file suit against UNCW in federal court?  They should.

Why don't the two pro-life students who were not granted a chance to serve on the WRC Board of Advisors file a complaint with HR Director William Fleming? They should. I am told Fleming is an honest and upstanding man who would treat them fairly.

Why doesn't the UNCW Student Pro-Life Group go over the head of the WRC and demand representation on the university website? They should. The Director's boss, the Provost, is also a fair man who, I am convinced, would listen.

Why don't groups like the Eagle Forum, the Luce Policy Institute, New Hanover County Right to Life, North Carolina Right to Life, National Right to Life, The Second Amendment Sisters, Concerned Women for America, and Feminists for Life contact with a respectful request to be linked to the WRC website? They should.
(If denied, they can forward the rejection letter to me. I will then forward it to the 35 attorneys in the legal network. Attorneys can sign up by mailing:

Why don't traditional, family-oriented churches request to have advertisements linked through the WRC website? They should. After all, gay churches are linked through a gay website on despite the claimed aversion to all things "explicitly Christian."

Finally, why don't the hundreds of thousands of people reading this article pay special attention to the portion of, which reads as follows:

The Women's Resource Center (f)e-mail list can keep you posted regarding:

Events and programs related to women, gender, and sexuality;

Opportunities to get involved in Women's Resource Center events (e.g., The Vagina Monologues, Women's History Month);

Educational and research opportunities in women's studies;

Actions you can take to support women's issues;

and Other useful information.

If you are interested in being on our (f)e-mail list, contact Elizabeth Ervin, (now former) Director of the Women's Resource Center, at Please write '(f)e-mail list' on the subject line.

I am signing up for the (f)e-mail list today. And so should you.

Put simply, we must begin to monitor UNC feminists whose mendacity, cowardice, and arrogance threaten the civil liberties of the decent citizens who pay their salaries. My favorite verse of the New Testament (James 4:17) demands that we respond to the campus feminist thought police.
Quite literally, lives will be compromised by our inaction.

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