What can you do to fight such a thing?

Posted: Apr 05, 2005 12:00 AM
Hi there! It's Mike Adams - the guy you were just talking about in your Canadian feminist chat room. I thought we had the angriest feminists here in the States until I read the following, which was sent to me from within the ranks of my "supposed readership":

"What can you do to fight such a thing? Townhall's Doctor Professor Mike Adams, PhD is an inveterate liar who has been accused of making up correspondence from his supposed readership to advance his patently women-hating views (...there is some scuttle-butt going around that he's in fact a self-hating homosexual who goes on 'hunting' trips with another suspected closet case and former-drug-dealer-turned-anti-feminist-mall-preacher/whacko Doug Giles).

I really wish that country had some respect for ethics in public discourse, but it obviously doesn't."

Well, now that you are reading the full text of your remarks - remarks you never expected to see broadcast in an internationally-read column - you are becoming painfully aware of the fact that I am not guilty of "making up correspondence" from a fictitious readership. Since anti-male feminist whackos really exist, there's no need for fabrication.

Your conclusion that my criticism of homosexuals makes me a homosexual is one I have heard repeatedly (though only from liberals). Of course, by using the label "gay" to insult me, you are now guilty of criticizing homosexuality. I guess that means you're gay, too. Maybe everyone is gay (with the possible exception of SpongeBob SquarePants).

Before I proceed, I want you to know that I do agree with the last line of your blog entry. Journalistic ethics are indeed suffering in the States. Even though we got rid of Dan Rather, a few minutes of listening to Peter Jennings confirms the veracity of your statement. He's not from Canada, too, is he?

The question you posed to your fellow feminists-"What can be done to stop such a thing?"-was also a good one. The "thing" you referred to was the ridicule of campus feminists by internet writers like myself who, unlike real journalists, wear pajamas and work in their bedrooms.

We are causing you a lot of grief these days because our audience is growing and you can't seem to do anything about it. For example, when I run an article criticizing feminists for marching across campus chanting "Vagina" and selling sex-organ shaped lollipops to students, it is sent out to hundred of thousands of readers by midnight.

The next day, my friend Neil Boortz usually links my articles on Boortz.com. Then, my friend David Horowitz runs my column on FrontPageMag.com. I then do an audio version of the column for Doug Giles on ClashRadio.com. Then, there are the newspaper reprint requests that follow.

Before you know it, your radical brand of anti-male feminism has been broadcast to millions of people. And it all begins on the internet at www.Townhall.com.

I have some bad news for you, too. It is about to get even worse.

Last week we started a fund-raising drive, which seeks a Town Hall record of $250,000 over the course of two weeks. It sounds ambitious but we always meet our goals. This time will be no different.

What will be different is that Town Hall, which recently became independent of the Heritage Foundation, will be using the money to drastically expand its operations as soon as the fund-raiser is completed. That will involve, among other things, expanding the overnight mailing list to a volume of one million.

That means "right-wing whackos" like Mike Adams, Ann Coulter, Suzanne Fields, John Leo, Michelle Malkin, Phyllis Schlafly, and Ben Shapiro will have an even greater platform from which to ridicule your brand of left-wing militant feminism.

Years ago, when radical feminists began to use the educational system to sexualize our young daughters-to make them hate men, their parents, and even their unborn children-we asked ourselves the following question: What can you do to fight such a thing? Support it.

We found the answer on TownHall.com.  Will you join the fight today with your contribution?