The National Association of Scholars

Posted: Feb 02, 2005 12:00 AM

Dear NAS (

This morning I got tired of listening to a feminist complain about her husband?s erectile dysfunction, and decided to take a walk across campus to get some peace and quiet. I dodged the feminist administrators who were passing out condoms on the way to the library. I also plugged my ears to block the sound of skinny white guys beating out the latest anthem of cultural diversity on African drums in the student amphitheater.

When I got to the library, I discovered that the bottom floor had been converted to a coffee shop. That made it too loud for me to do any thinking, much less any reading. So, off I went to the student union which, to my great disappointment, featured Jerry Springer on nine of the ten color TVs in the lounge/dining room. I got frustrated after listening to people talk (on national television, no less) about having sex with their in-laws. That was when I decided to I move on.

I tried working off my frustrations in the university recreation center, but exercising to the sound of gangster rapper CDs was a bit of a distraction. All of that talk about killing ?bitches? and ?whores? with a 9mm was not my idea of recreation. In fact, it made me feel pretty uncomfortable and, quite possibly, created a hostile learning environment.

Needless to say, all of these distractions got me thinking about the decline of Western civilization. So, I decided to go home early and start again tomorrow.

I cannot tell you how thrilled I was when I checked my mail at home and discovered that you had sent me a brochure describing the purpose and activities of your fine organization. When I saw the slogan ?For Reasoned Scholarship in a Free Society? printed on the cover of the brochure, I immediately sensed that we shared a set of common ideals.

The idea of joining an organization of professors, graduate students, college administrators and trustees committed to rational intellectual discourse has never been more appealing. Your assertion that an informed understanding of the Western intellectual heritage is necessary to sustain our civilization?s achievements is undeniable. You are also correct to point out that current ?perspectives? in higher education reflexively denigrate our Western intellectual heritage. I agree that such denigration is accomplished only through willful indifference to both logic and evidence.

Among the sixteen ?issues of concern? highlighted in your brochure, allow me to enumerate seven I consider to be particularly important:

  • The decline of academic standards in higher education.
  • The politicization of scholarship and teaching.
  • The use of sexual, racial, and other criteria unrelated to merit in hiring, promotion, and student recruitment.
  • Dogmatic hostility to Western civilization, and turning the study of non-Western cultures into an instrument for denouncing American society.
  • Unfair treatment of colleagues suspected of holding ?politically incorrect? views.
  • The decline of civility on college and university campuses. And, perhaps most importantly,
  •  The suppression of students? freedoms of speech and association.

I look forward to interacting with the state, local, and campus groups NAS has formed to foster support for its educational philosophy. I also look forward to receiving your quarterly newsletter, NAS Update. Finally, I hope to have the opportunity to submit some of my work to your quarterly journal Academic Questions.

I am pleased that you can accept my payment of $42.00 for a one-year membership on-line at I look forward to working with you in the coming year.

Mike S. Adams ( .