Shut up and sue!

Posted: Oct 15, 2004 12:00 AM

Hello Clifton. It is nice to hear from you. I just received your email, which follows in its entirety:

Dear Mike S. Adams,

On your web site you are using my copyrighted material from my web site (and misrepresenting it) without my permission.  The material is meant for my professional work only.  Stop using it now.

Thank you.

Clifton Snider, Ph.D.

I understand that you are quite upset with me over my recent article, entitled ?Shut up and teach.? Being exposed as an ideological bigot isn?t much fun, is it? It is especially disheartening when you have been bullying helpless college students and finally encounter an opponent that you cannot control. That would be me.

Before I get off topic, I have a few questions. In your email, you refer to the California State University, Long Beach website as ?your? website. How much did it cost you to buy the public university website? I assume that you are telling the truth when you say that is ?your? website. You must be a very wealthy man. I didn?t know that ?queer literary critics? made so much money.

Also, what do you mean when you say that my article misrepresents ?your? website? People who logged on to ?your? site directly ( indicated that you were much more ideologically bigoted than you were portrayed in my article. Shouldn?t you thank me for enhancing your academic reputation?

Finally, before I publish the following complaint, which was made against you on, could you tell me whether it ?misrepresents? you? Also, is the ?students for academic freedom? website ?your? website, too?:

I am taking this English composition class to fulfill my general education (GE) requirements. On the first night of this class, Sep. 1, 2004, Dr. Snider went over the class syllabus for the semester. This syllabus includes 5 essays that are to be turned in over the semester. One of these essays is to be written on a film that he will show in class, as he so stated will most likely be Fahrenheit 9/11. (Because Michael Moore is a genius and his film exposes how our so called "President Bush" is an idiot.) He then proceeded for the next hour and a half of this ENGLISH class to talk strictly about his hate of "president" (he kept doing the quote signs with his fingers) Bush and the Iraqi War. There were no more attempts made by Dr. Snider to talk about the true subject matter of the class, ENGLISH. I have been in this class for almost 2 weeks now and politics seems to be the main issue lectured on, however he makes lame attempts to tie his own liberal propaganda into an English example, (i.e.; Newspaper articles, Presidential Speeches, etc. )Furthermore, a second essay that we are to write must be written on a book we have read that appears on his "approved reading list". The list of books in his syllabus has a dominant theme: Sexual perversion and anti Bush rhetoric. (A copy of this list can be found on his website at This website which indicated in his syllabus "contains important class material" is a website dedicated primarily to his own gay literature and anti Bush poetry. I, and many other students, had a very difficult time navigating our way through his site to find some obscure hidden link to our school documents that must be printed off of this website. Also, Dr. Snider has taken it upon himself to give us a moral/ ethical and spiritual lesson before each class begins. The university offers ethics classes, and I obviously have no problem with ethics. I just do not believe that Dr. Snider is trained to lecture on such topics. (And from what I do know of his ethics and morals, I feel slightly offended that he somehow believes that his morals are superior to mine- I do not draw an ethical comparison between President Bush and Saddam Hussein as does Dr. Snider).

Finally, Clifton, since you are a ?queer literary critic,? could you tell me who it was that said you should never pick a fight with someone who buys ink by the barrel? Wasn?t it Mark Twain? Have you ever read Mark Twain?

See you later, Clifton, and good luck with your lawsuit.

Yours in academic freedom,

Mike S. Adams

Dr. Adams ( enjoys reading Mark Twain while listening to Conway Twitty.