Hate mail of the week

Posted: Sep 13, 2004 12:00 AM

Last summer I got a chance to speak in Washington, DC with Ben Shapiro. Our talks covered academic indoctrination and other free speech issues in higher education. After our speeches, we walked from Capitol Hill to the Heritage Foundation headquarters and had a good laugh about all the hate mail we get from our loyal and loving liberal readers. Ben told me that he once knew a columnist who occasionally published highlights of his hate mail. I decided that we should all do the same from time to time, just for fun. Here are some of my favorites, which are also archived on www.DrAdams.org:

You chrsitanidiot (sic) communist morons are so f***ing supid (sic) you make me want to puke. Why don?t you write aoub (sic) something you know about. (sic). You are so illiterate you (sic)  I can;?t (sic) believe that you haven?t been taken out of the gen (sic) poll (sic) yet. Moron!


Thanks for reading my article on evolution. It was merely a satire. No reason to get angry, Brian. The point of the satire was to show that whenever people raise objections to evolution, the theory?s defenders often lose control emotionally. My wife predicted that I would get about ten emails attacking me personally for every one that answered my questions about Darwinism. After your missive, the ratio is now exactly 18 to one.

Mike Adams

I just read your article on evolution. The teachers (sic) names in the editorial (Derwin and Merx) led me to believe that you made the whole thing up. I have to accuse you of being untruthful on this one.


Yes, I did make the names up. It was a satire. You are one Swift fellow, Mel.

Mike Adams

After reading your last article, I think you really do need to see things from a "woman's perspective." You are so disgustingly ignorant that seeing things from anyone else's perspective would be an improvement.


I am trying to see things from your perspective but I just can't get my head that far up my as*.

Mike Adams
Why do men try to rule women?  I HAD an abortion and do not regret it.  Who are you to know what my reasons were and why I had it?  People like you who want to tell people like me what to do with their lives are like Hitler.  I hope something bad happens to you and someone takes away your right to choose what you want to do about it.  I can not think enough bad thoughts about you and pray that bigots like you fade away into oblivion.  SHAME, SHAME on you!!!!

Patricia Ecklund-Ruch

(I did not respond to Patricia. Instead, I bought a shotgun and hid underneath my bed for 48 hours).

i (sic) think about fools like you who do not like abortions, but who are fine with your group killing doctors, trying to intimidate women when they go to have an abortion, and bomb (sic) buildings.

Gary Roberts

Just out of curiosity, which building did I bomb? The good news is that you are winning the argument. The bad news is that you are arguing with your imagination. I imagine that some day you will actually win an argument with a real person. Your future is bright, indeed!

Mike Adams

 How about Gen 2:7

"And the LORD God formed man [of] the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul."

Adam was not alive when he was created, he became alive when he received the breath of life.  Look at the punctuation, also.  Life begins not at conception, but at first breath.


Thanks Jim! Now we know that John Kerry was wrong. Partial birth abortion can now be made available to millions. And for no reason, whatsoever. When that pesky little brat pops his head out on the operating table, stop and get a good look at him before he takes his first breath. If you don't like the baby's looks or if you just wanted a girl, don't let that baby breathe. Make sure you don't slap him, just cut his little throat instead. Oh, the humanity! KERRY/EDWARDS 2004!

Mike Adams

After reading "Timmy and Me" I lost any respect I had for you. You sound like you are consumed by fear. Did you ever think of getting some therapy for this problem?


Hi Kasha. The article was a satire. When I said that "Unarmed liberal adults who call themselves 'Timmy' scare the hell out of me," I was only joking. It is true that Timmy had the Tim-erity to send a Tim-pestuous email that was laced with profanity. But any fear I experienced was only Tim-porary. I will resolve any lingering psychological maladies in the Tim-ple, not at the therapist's office. Gotta go finish reading Shakespeare's Tim-pest. It has a good plot with a nice Tim-po.

Mike Adams
You know, one "myth" that I find to be true is the one that goes something like this: the more some right-wing bigot writes about gay issues, the more likely it is the right-winger is secretly craving sex with men.

Come to think of it, now that I take a good long look at your photo, you do look pretty darn gay to me.

It also looks like you'd play the "girl" in the relationship, yes?

Just be honest with yourself, Mike. You conservatives seem to really value honesty (well, at least you said you did BEFORE George "Dumbya" Bush was appointed President. Things seem a little different these days, eh?).

William Sanford, hairdresser at Next Wave Designs.

Myth #11. All male hairdressers are homosexual.

Well, it looks like that one didn't make the cut. (Pun intended).  How much do you charge for highlighting, William?

Mike Adams

I just read your column, "English for Feminists, Lesbians, Queers, and Communists." What a gratuitously offensive person you are. Thanks for your role in putting the nails in the coffin of conservatism in this country.


I just got back from my home state of Mississippi. That's where I learned to be so offensive. Mississippi is the home of two Republican Senators and a Republican Governor.
The Unites States Senate and the House of Representatives are both controlled by the Republicans. The President is also a Republican. Clearly, you are on to something. The conservative movement is finished. I guess I'll move to France.

Mike Adams

I ran across a quote attributed to you and was hoping that you could clarify it.
"'Transsexuals are just the same as you and me'...After overhearing such garbage, I just wanted to be a student again for a day so I could take notes and publish them later."

This quote was taken from: World Net DailyWhat exactly do you mean by saying that transsexuals are not the same as you or me? As you can probably guess, that transsexual label applies to me. Please note that I'm not attacking you, your point of view, or right to express your point of view. I'm just curious as to what you are implying.

J.K. Taylor

Thanks J.K. What I mean is that because I still have my ?original? sex organs and a transsexual has had his/her/undecided/other surgically altered, we are different. Let me know if I can be of further assistance.

Mike Adams

Black people are racist. How could you suspect we would be anything else. (sic). We have always been abused in this country by white people this is a fact. Abuse begats (sic) hatred. The question you should ponder is why do whites hate blacks.

Geoffrey Neal

Thanks Geoffrey. I appreciate your honesty. And thanks for not using the n-word in your latest e-mail. It really offends me when you do that. Do you remember when you accused me of wanting to abolish speech codes so I could use that word? You said ?I know what you people are really like.? Well, Geoffrey, I don't use that word. I know, I know; it's different because you?re black. But I don't even use the word "honky," Geoffrey. Do you?

Thanks for writing.

Mike Adams

Mike S. Adams (www.DrAdams.org) gets lots of love mail, too. But it isn?t nearly as funny!