We have them right where we want them?on the run!

Posted: Mar 16, 2004 12:00 AM

On November 27th, 2001, a professor at UNC-Wilmington filed a report with the campus police, alleging that someone was breaking into her office and trying to poison her with tear gas. Shortly thereafter, the campus police interviewed two professors who were named by the alleged victim as possible suspects. I was one of those two professors.

After the police interviewed me, the State Bureau of Investigation (SBI) conducted a chemical analysis of the professor?s office to determine whether it had been sprayed with any harmful chemicals. The tests were negative. According to their taxpayer-funded investigation, no crime had taken place at all. I could have told them that for free.  I understand that tear gas has been pretty hard to come by since 911. And I?ll bet it?s pretty hard to smuggle into the building and spray inside your colleagues? offices.

The professor who made those criminal accusations had also made a claim of sexual harassment against her department chair in 1999. The UNCW Human Resources Department just let it all happen without any formal investigation of those public allegations. But that?s okay. By allowing slanderous accusations against male employees they create a more caring and loving environment for women who lie. And that?s all that really matters.

Years later, the aforementioned professor continues to teach at UNC-Wilmington. She rarely enters her office even though the authorities have concluded that it has not been poisoned by her numerous enemies. But she doesn?t need to spend much time at work. She has tenure.

Shortly after I heard about these accusations of ?office terrorism,? I decided that I had to respond. That was when I decided to write, ?Welcome to the Ivory Tower of Babel?. Within months, I had completed an angry draft of about 175 pages. I began peddling it to publishers around the country with no success. After several rejections, I put down my pen for a few months.

Then one morning in April of 2003, I woke up in a particularly sarcastic mood. Within about 30 minutes, I had penned a satirical article called, ?My New Affirmative Action Grading Policy.? After showing it to Jody Brown, the editor of Agape Press, he decided to run it in his daily news summary on April 8th. He also called his friend Jennifer Roberts (now Jennifer Biddison), asking her to link it to the home page of the Town Hall website. After the article ran, I got a few dozen emails and thought that was the end of the matter.

Then one day about two weeks later, I came into the office around 9 a.m. When I checked my email I already had 78 messages. All were in regard to the editorial I wrote for Agape Press two weeks earlier. Within a few minutes I realized that Jay Nordlinger had posted a link to my article on National Review Online after originally reading it on Town Hall?s website. Later that day I got a call from a co-worker telling me that Rush Limbaugh was reading the editorial on the air. Before the end of the weekend I had received over 500 email responses and had my picture posted on Rush?s website.

But the story gets even better than that. After Rush read my editorial, Bill O?Reilly invited me to appear on the O?Reilly Factor on May 2nd. One of the viewers that night was Town Hall Editor Jon Garthwaite. Jon emailed the next day asking me to write an occasional column for Town Hall?s Opinion Alert.

After writing my fourth column for Town Hall, I landed a contract for ?Welcome to the Ivory Tower of Babel.? When it hits the shelves of bookstores around the nation in a couple of weeks, I will finally have a chance to fully respond to the lunacy that I have been dealing with over the last decade as a college professor.

Having just completed my 50th column for Town Hall, I can honestly say that I am having more fun than I have ever had in my life. Make no mistake about it; having Town Hall as an outlet is the main reason why my frustrations have turned into fun.

But aside from the fun, the columns that appear on Town Hall are producing serious progress on the important issues that face our country today. For example, the sunlight that Town Hall shines is acting as a powerful disinfectant for the rot that pervades our college campuses everywhere.

Just look at the successes we have had in North Carolina over the last few weeks. UNC-Chapel Hill is now apologizing for bias recently expressed by a professor against a conservative Christian student. UNC-Greensboro was forced to admit that they knowingly paid a porn star $3000 to speak as a ?sexual health expert.? UNC-Wilmington has reversed its decision to de-recognize the College Republicans for refusing to allow Democrats as voting members of their organization.

And one women?s center in the UNC system may soon lose its budget after abusing its funds for political purposes. These successes are largely due to Town Hall articles written in the last couple of months.

That is why we need to continue to apply the pressure. Thanks to Town Hall we have them right where we want them?on the run! Thanks for all your support. We need it more than ever.

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Mike S. Adams is the author of Welcome to the Ivory Tower of Babel and can be reached at www.DrAdams.org.