More Feminist Monkey Business

Posted: Mar 12, 2004 12:00 AM

Dear Professor Adams:

You have incorrectly identified us in your article "Our University's Political Slush Fund".  We are Guerrilla Girls On Tour and are a separate organization from Guerrilla Girls.  Our web site is and we are the group that is coming to campus on March 16th.  We were founded in 2001 by three former members of Guerrilla Girls but are no longer affiliated with them in any way.
Our performance is not a "campaign against George W. Bush" as you describe.  Our show -- "The Guerrilla Girls On Tour Gig" is a look at the history of the Guerrilla Girls, an account of how we became Guerrilla Girls On Tour and a look at our latest masked capers aimed at discrimination and racism in the theatre world, the entertainment industry and politics (emphasis mine). Because this is an election year, we also encourage everyone to vote.
We are not the creators of the "terror alert system" posters but we did do one that we think is far more clever called "Vacancy" that you can find on our web site.  While two of our posters focus on GW Bush, (one is directed at his record at (sic) govenor (sic) of Texas and the other focuses on the search for weapons of mass destruction and the war) our performance is not in any way a plea to get the Democrates (sic) to win the next election and these two posters take up about 2 minutes of our 70 minute presentation.  Our mission is to create political art that states the facts about an issue, uses humor to grab the readers (sic) attention, and prove that feminists are funny.  In this way we hope that we can educate, entertain as well as inspire people to form grassroots organizations themselves to combat injustices in the world.
Please know that we also include a Q and A session at the end of every performance where the audience can make comments and ask questions.  If any of our stats are wrong or if anyone has an opinion that differs from ours, we encourage them to speak up and for the audience to engage in dialogue about the issues we address.  We are very interested in helping fostering (sic) a dialogue between people with opposing views because we feel that this will create tolerence (sic) and understanding.
We respectfully ask that you correct the info you have up in your article that incorrectly identifies us and we hope to see you at the show.
Thank you for your time.
Aphra Behn
Guerrilla Girls On Tour

Dear Guerrilla Girls On Tour:

Boy, do I feel stupid! In my article earlier this week, I got confused and thought that the ?Guerilla Girls? were the same as the ?Guerilla Girls on Tour.? I suppose that was because I read the following on the university website:

?For more information about The Guerilla Girls on Tour, please click here ( and ( to visit their web sites.?

Perhaps you should contact the university and get them to change their website in order to avoid further confusion. They don?t seem to know the difference between the two groups either.

Nonetheless, I am terribly sorry for the confusion. I should not have characterized you as a bunch (no pun intended) of feminists who like to dress as apes, throw bananas at the audience, campaign against President Bush, and hang up ?terror alert system? posters. Here?s how I should have characterized you:

The Guerilla Girls on Tour are a bunch of feminists who like to dress as apes, throw bananas at the audience, campaign against President Bush, and hang posters showing Condoleezza Rice standing in a cage holding bananas along with President Bush, Vice-President Cheney, and Secretary Rumsfeld.

I am truly sorry for the confusion. I also have a few questions before I go.

1. Would you consider your ?Vacancy? poster to be part of a campaign against President Bush?
2. Do you think that some people may see the image of Condy Rice in a cage holding bananas as racist?
3. Do you think that if a bunch of fraternity boys dressed and acted like the ?Guerilla Girls on Tour? they would be labeled as racially insensitive?
4. Do you know how to use a spell checker?

That?s all for now. I have to split. Pun intended.

Mike S. Adams ( enjoys banana pudding and Nilla Wafers. He is now shipping orders of his new book ?Welcome to the Ivory Tower of Babel?.