Our University's Political Slush Fund

Posted: Mar 08, 2004 12:00 AM

Warning: The language in this editorial is mundane for university feminists, but highly offensive to normal people.

On March 16th, 2004, the UNC-Wilmington Women?s Resource Center (WRC) will be hosting a speech by the Guerilla Girls.  This group of anonymous feminists will be paid $6000 of public funds to dress up like apes, throw bananas at the audience, and campaign against George W. Bush. If you have never heard of them, you can log on to www.guerillagirls.com. There you can also learn more about their new book, ?Bitches, Bimbos, and Ball-breakers.?

This now marks the second consecutive year that the university has kicked off its so-called ?Women?s History Month? (previously known as ?March?) by spending taxpayer money to oppose the candidacy of President George W. Bush. Last year?s kickoff event featured an address called ?How President Bush?s Attack on the International Family Hurts Us All.? This tactic of spending public funds to advance the agenda of the Democrats was taken directly from the UNC-Chapel Hill Women?s Center after they launched a campaign to preserve partial birth abortion with state resources in the summer of 2002. Attorney General Roy Cooper has expressed no interest in enforcing the laws that these feminists routinely violate. It is an election year and Cooper is a Democrat.

This year?s effort by the WRC to oppose President Bush is even more blatant.  The WRC?s decision to hire the Guerilla Girls is simply a poorly disguised effort to funnel money from taxpayers directly into the Democratic National Committee?s campaign to win the presidential election.  If that assertion seems far-fetched, take a look at the ?threat levels? from the Guerilla Girls? ?Women?s Homeland Terror Alert System?:

?SEVERE:  President claims women do have rights. Can join army, fight unpopular war, and kill innocent people.
HIGH: President refuses to sign international treaty on discrimination against women.
ELEVATED: President nominates judges opposed to affirmative action and abortion rights.
GAURDED: President appoints man to FDA who believes prayer is best treatment for PMS.
LOW: President rides around on horse, clears brush on ranch.?

I have little doubt that this ?Terror Alert System? will be posted all over our campus before the Guerilla Girls visit on March 16th. After all, the WRC director has previously put up posters on campus with every conceivable form of profanity including the ?F-word? and the ?P-word.?  This fiscally foolish feminist administrator actually hung a WRC poster last year that used the phrase ?d**k-to-mouth resuscitation.? The idea that this might be offensive was wholly lost upon her. Lately, the WRC has been playing it safer by passing out condoms on campus.

The radical leftist activism of our WRC is similar to the activism of such centers on campuses all around the country. Despite their claimed emphasis on diversity, they are all comprised of like-minded feminists who focus almost exclusively on the politics of abortion.

In order to test the diversity of such centers, I made phone calls to ten women?s centers at major university?s across the country last year. I first called several large public universities such as the University of Connecticut, the University of Michigan, and the University of Oregon. I also called some prominent private universities such as Princeton and Emory.  Altogether, I called ten women?s centers with 120 employees. During each call I identified myself as a pro-life activist and asked whether anyone working at the women?s center was also pro life. The results were impressive. Ten women?s centers, 120 employees, zero pro-lifers.

Make no mistake about it; these centers are not established as ?comfort zones? or as facilities designed to serve the interests of all women. In fact, our center at UNC-Wilmington does not even exist physically. They have no facility. It is merely a budget line reserved for the preservation of abortion rights, which requires the election of Democrats to public office. That is why they spend public funds seeking to defeat President Bush.

But there may be good news on the horizon at UNC-Wilmington. Rumor has it that the administration is considering cutting the budget of the WRC. I am told that this may be due to public outcry resulting from a number of columns (written by some conservative professor) criticizing the Center?s antics. Regardless of whether that is true, I intend to keep writing columns criticizing the WRC for its blatant misuse of public funds. But I also need the help of concerned taxpayers.

If you are a taxpayer who is fed up with this feminist monkey business, make sure you write a letter to your local university. Working together, we can drive these flaky feminists bananas.

Mike S. Adams can be reached at www.DrAdams.org. His new book is called ?Welcome to the Ivory Tower of Babel.?