The Queen

Posted: Mar 04, 2004 12:00 AM

Author?s note: The following editorial contains extremely graphic language.

Earlier this week, I wrote an article criticizing UNC Greensboro (UNCG) for spending public funds on a speech given by a porn star and director who refers to herself as ?The Queen of Anal Sex.? Since that article, UNCG officials have accused me of playing ?fast and loose with the facts? in my article. Today I intend to offer a rebuttal.

School officials have suggested that I also played ?fast and loose with the facts? in my article when I said that the university was not cooperating with the College Republicans? (CRs) recent effort to launch a Morals Week in March. Some of my readers reported that the university said that the CRs never submitted a written request for funding for Morals Week. But others reported that the university said that the CRs? written request was not in proper order.

Inconsistencies aside, this is not a relevant issue because I never claimed that the CRs filed a written request for Morals Week funding. The statements that I took issue with were reported to have been made orally. That is why I recently told the CRs to make future requests in writing, preferably by email. While one?s civil rights can be violated either orally or in writing it is easier to prove the latter. Rosa Parks never actually submitted a written request to the Municipal Bus Authority to allow her to sit in the front of the bus, but her rights were certainly violated.

Numerous readers of my article have also told me that officials of the school are saying that they did not know that Tristan Taormino was a porn star when she was booked to speak by the UNCG Wellness Center. Instead, they are purported to say that she was billed as an expert in ?sexual health.?

I have taken the time to do a ?google? search on this ?sexual health expert? and I have also visited her personal web page.  Virtually everything that this woman writes is pornographic. Had UNCG officials made the effort, they could have found the following link to an article in the New Haven Register covering Taormino?s 2001 visit to Yale University. According to the article, the ?queen of anal sex? showed her latest porn movie to 75 students at a ?chicken and porn? party. The article reported that some of those students had recently recorded their own live sex scenes in, of all places, the Yale University library.

Clearly, Taormino went to Yale to promote her pornography, not sexual health. There is no evidence that UNCG students filmed pornography in the university library, so I suppose that her visit to Greensboro wasn?t a complete disaster.

Just a little research shows that I am not ?playing fast and loose with the facts? about UNCG?s ?sexual health expert,? whom I also learned likes to wallow in other people?s urine for sexual gratification. Does that qualify her as a health expert? Most health experts I know think that playing with human waste is unhealthy. Are UNCG officials playing fast and loose with public funds and with the public trust? Maybe I am just behind the times.

Before I left the UNCG website earlier today I did a word search for anal sex, which yielded three entries. One was in the History Department?s folder, specifically in the subfolder of a UNCG faculty member. The folder can be used to access anal sex videos, gay porn videos, and teen porn videos. Those in the media interested in specific links and hard copies of the names of the dozens of porn files can contact me at

Of particular interest in the UNCG History Department folder is a link to ?Mother and Son Incest Action? that can be found on the discussion site for History 610. I say that it is of particular interest because it is posted under the name ?ADMIN.? I am not certain whether that means that someone in the UNCG administration posted the link. I?ll let them explain it to the taxpayers.

I have so many lingering questions for UNCG. Do they know that the university website is hosting pornography with links to sites about incest, teen sex, and anal sex? Or are they ignorant of what is happening, as they were when they hired a ?sexual health expert? who enjoys wallowing in other people?s urine? Or am I just playing ?fast and loose with the facts??

Unfortunately, I don?t have time to wait for the answers. I have to get someone from the university to remove the anal sex pop-ups from my computer. I got them all from visiting the UNCG website. You should also be careful before you log on to You never know what will pop up there.

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