Feeling Sorry For the President

Posted: May 13, 2012 12:01 AM
Feeling Sorry For the President

I feel sorry for Mr. Obama. Regular readers of my blog may be surprised to see those words, but I really do have feelings of genuine sympathy for him. Any human who carries a semblance of spiritual understanding will share in that feeling of sorrow.

Try to imagine him standing on two small boats in the middle of the ocean—he has one foot squarely in the middle of the floor of one boat, and the other foot is similarly fixed to the second boat. If an observer were to make only a passing glance at such a scene, one might think that both boats are headed in the same direction and everything is under control. But the reality is different. The reality reveals that the boats are headed in opposite paths.

Can you imagine the pain? Can you imagine the calamity that’s about to occur?

If that isn’t worth some genuine sorrow, I don’t know what is.

This past week, Mr. Obama claimed that he had reached the end of an “evolution” by coming out in support of homosexual marriage. That is one of the President’s boats.

However, his policies have been unmistakably pro-Islamist—not just pro-Muslim, but pro-fundamentalist, political Islam. He has Islamists as advisors in the White House and in the State Department. He constantly seeks to protect and defend Islamist ideology. And he frantically tries to distinguish between Islamists and terrorism, when in reality, the first produces the second. Painfully, this is the second boat that his other foot is firmly planted on.

I say painfully because those two ideologies—pro-homosexuality and pro-Islamist—are diametrically opposed to each other. They are two boats headed, full-throttle, in opposite directions.

The Islamist ideology calls for the killing of homosexuals. They are to be stoned to death. In a perfect Islamist world, homosexuals would be the first to be thrown into the fiery furnace.

That is an ideology that a true believer in Jesus Christ would vehemently condemn. As much as the Bible opposes the practice of homosexuality, a Christian’s ardent desire is for everyone to understand the fullness of Jesus’ sacrifice—that He died on the cross so we would have victory over any form of moral enslavement.

Mr. Obama claims to be a Christian of sorts. But his verbal claim notwithstanding, he is not a true Christian who believes in and obeys the authority of God’s Word. That places him in an unenviable predicament—one that only a clever, dancing politician would try to maneuver his way out of. But even the most gifted politician would fail to keep such a diverging-boat dance going for long. What is divided cannot stand.

One longs for Mr. Obama to truly embrace the Lord Jesus Christ—for it was Christ who unequivocally claimed He was the only way to heaven, while openly commanding his followers to love all sinners and invite them to repentance.

That is a position that will keep you secure in the boat of life.