Obama Appeases Radical Islam Over Israel’s Future

Posted: May 24, 2011 11:40 AM
Obama Appeases Radical Islam Over Israel’s Future

Much has been said about President Obama’s narcissistic tendencies. He clearly demonstrates his thin skin by throwing reporters out of the press pool and censoring others; even going so far as to attack some news organizations and personalities by name. All of this is, of course, part and parcel of the major characteristics of narcissism, namely—detesting those who do not admire or agree with you.

But perhaps there is no greater danger than the expression of that narcissism when it impacts foreign policy. This is indeed tragic, that one person’s [even though he is the President of the United States] own selfish tendencies can impact world peace.

Possibly there is no larger issue than his deep desire and determination to ingratiate himself with, and to be liked and adored by, the Muslim world.

This characteristic was manifested in his Cairo One speech in June 2009 when he quoted what he calls the Holy Quran several times, and yet he never mentioned the Bible. But under his breath he mumbled the words, I’m a Christian.

Desiring to be liked by people that you personally admire or identify with is part and parcel to the behavior of a narcissist.

In order to befriend Muslim believers in the Middle East, Mr. Obama was the first American President to publicly scold our friend, Israel, and then pressure them by demanding that they must return to the 1967 borders. This was music to the ears of Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood, to say nothing of all of Israel’s haters.

Historically, Israel has demonstrated willingness to exchange land for peace when its security is guaranteed. They returned the huge Sinai Peninsula to Egypt- even after the advancements they had made in the oil and gas industries- when they were guaranteed peace with Egypt. So the question is: how can they return the Golan Heights to Syria when the Syrian government does not even acknowledge that Israel exists? Not only does Israel become totally exposed and without defense if they return the mountain range to hostile Syria, but the desire for the masses to march on Jerusalem from all four sides of the borders is more likely to become a reality.

To his credit, President Obama paid lip-service to the fact that you cannot negotiate with people who do not acknowledge your existence, but he seemed to do so only for the appearance of being even-handed.

What makes things worse in his May 19th speech, which has been dubbed “Cairo Two”, is that our President offered billions of dollars to Egypt for their infrastructure. One has to ask, is this TARP for Egypt?

TARP did not work in the United States, how in the world would it work in a country that is absolutely choking with bureaucracy and crooked leadership?

Mubarak’s skimming of the cream of the American aid will be replaced by another class of skimmers. The poor people, whom the President claims to care for, will not get a single drop. I am well aware of what’s happening on the ground there and it isn’t pretty.

My advice to the President of this great country is this:

Replace the pro-Islamist advisers who seek Islamist approval over upholding America’s core values and its legacy. But above all, get advisers who speak the truth and whose motivation is transparent.