Liberal’s Dark Secret and Ironic Game Plan

Posted: Jul 27, 2013 12:29 AM

Well. . . Maybe it’s not that much of a secret: It turns out liberals like it when citizens become dependent upon the government. This message, unfortunately, goes unsaid among many Republicans, and even among many red-blooded Conservatives. Of course, there’s always an exception or two to that rule. Mia Love - the mayor from Saratoga Springs, Utah – touched on this issue while addressing the Western Conservative Summit in Denver, Colorado.

“The day I need the federal government to force me to [help others], I won’t deserve the title American.” Mia made that statement while discussing a welfare state that has been developed to entrap dependents, rather than lift the unfortunate. Governor Scott Walker, who also addressed the crowd on the Summit’s opening night, talked about the compassion of teaching self-reliance. “I don’t remember growing up, hearing anyone say ‘when I grow up, I want to be dependent on the government!’” Throughout his speech Walker repeated the idea that individual liberty is incompatible with government dependence.

Mia Love said something else while addressing the WCS crowd. Her father, she said, had always told her that no-one was ever entitled to anything they did not earn, work for, or pay for themselves. Mitt Romney took political heat for pointing out that 47 percent of Americans don’t pay federal taxes. . . What he failed to point out (although it goes without saying for some of us) is that 53 percent of us are therefore charged with supporting all the federal handouts and entitlements that are altruistically offered.

A few Conservative leaders have made the same point, in wildly different ways. At one time, record numbers of Americans enrolling in food-stamps would look like a failed economic policy. There was once a time in America where millions of Americans looking to government for free phones, housing assistance, utility assistance, or disability would paint a picture of a failed presidency. And yet, Congressional Democrats often use these very numbers as an illustration of their party’s necessity.

Therein lies the dirty little secret. As long as Americans consider the government a source of supplemental wealth, desire for limited government will always be met with selfish skepticism. Maybe it’s unfashionable to say, but it appears the Democrats are engaged in lawful, if morally reprehensible, political bribery with the Americans people. And, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to combat this bribery when youth in this nation are being bombarded with the message that “rights” include free birth control, free food, and free healthcare.

And while Sandra Fluke is a lifelong Democrat because they promise her free birth control, Mia Love is a lifelong conservative because she understands the value of earning prosperity. And while there’s that lady in Detroit who will forever vote Democrat because she gets a free “OBAMAPHONE”, we have the masses that turned out to keep Scott Walker in the Wisconsin Governor’s mansion. And while Anthony Weiner will remain a lifelong Democrat because only Clinton supporters would ever consider voting for him. . . Well. . . I guess I don’t have a response to that.

The Democrat party is built on the idea that the majority can always be bought off with the spoils taken from the minority. Kind of an ironic game plan for a party that claims to represent women, Hispanics, and African Americans.