When Liberals get in the way of Liberalism

Posted: Jul 26, 2013 12:01 AM

A liberal community organizing outfit in the great state of New-New-York (Colorado) was forced to delay their “gun-buy-back” program because of new laws mandating universal background checks. God, it turns out, has a tremendous sense of humor. The liberal organization had planned to “buy back” guns from the public in Boulder County, Colorado, with no questions asked as a “public service” to reduce gun violence. (Because the guy that was about to rob $1,500 from the liquor store would, unquestionably, be dissuaded with the promise of a $100 gift card in exchange for his firearm.) Their attempts were foiled, however, by a law that mandates any “transfer of arms” must be accompanied by a background check.

According to the Boulder County Sheriff, the department "went all out" to try to find a way to facilitate the event, before deciding it had to be put off. The group, in conjunction with Boulder county officials, are looking for legislative solutions to the obstacle that like-minded gun control groups helped put in place.

New Colorado law dictates all transfer of firearms are now subject to background checks. If a Colorado Citizen is moving to a less gun friendly state (why on earth would anyone do that?) and wishes to leave their firearms – on loan – with friends or family. . . They first must run a background check. Private sales are outlawed; as are gifts outside of “immediate family” members. And, as it turns out, so are Bloomberg inspired Gun Buy Back programs.

Buy Back programs have been a staple of anti-gun efforts. They have been employed exhaustively in such locales as Chicago, Detroit, Philadelphia, California, and New York. (With predictable outcomes: Failure.) The idea is that by purchasing guns from the public for ridiculously under resale value, with virtually no questions or investigations asked by authorities, somehow all the bad guys will give up their means of violence. Because, as we all know, most would-be gang members and murders are really only interested in a gift certificate to Walmart. . .

And now, because of the anti-gun zealots in New-New-York, our goodhearted liberal group “Together Colorado” finds it impossible to purchase guns from criminals with no-questions-asked. According to one member in the group, Sheila Dierks, “What we’re going to need to do is work with the legislature to continue to work to build gun legislation which not only protects everyone, but makes it possible for people to get rid of guns they don't want.” Um. . . We had such a process. . . It was called “selling” guns on the open market. Some people even gifted them (because even gun owners occasionally have moments of charity).

The group is portraying the law as an inconvenient side-effect of a good law that unintentionally makes it difficult to get “guns off the streets.” In truth, it is a restriction on our basic rights of defense, private property, and private commerce. Liberal groups interested in Buy Back programs will soon be petitioning lawmakers in an effort to carve out an exemption for their actions. Because, apparently, my 1911 handgun poses a threat when I sell it to a trusted neighbor; but we need an exemption in the law so criminals can turn in their criminal weapons with impunity.

I have a better idea: Let’s repeal the law so that I can make private purchases once again. I’ll be sure to make each seller a much better offer than $100 for any firearm. I might even pay double for assault weapons and high-capacity magazines. If it makes the authorities feel better, I’ll be sure not to ask any questions. . .