The Party of Women, and Doormats

Posted: Jul 25, 2013 12:01 AM

Anthony Weiner, the disgraced New York Congressman turned Mayoral Candidate, is at it again. In an all too believable admission, the habitual sexting former congressman admitted to sending even more lewd messages to women. . . After he resigned from office for having done the very same. According to the New York Post, “Weiner apologized but also seemed to shift blame for his behavior to his marriage to former State Department aide Huma Abedin.” Weiner is quoted as saying that sending lewd messages to women online was “a terrible mistake that I unfortunately returned to during a rough time in our marriage.” Really? There was a “rough time” in his marriage after his first bout of extramarital sexting? Shocker.

As obnoxiously disgusting as his behavior is, there is a bigger point to be made. While his abhorrent behavior - in a sane world - would qualify him for an exile from public office, he has decided to continue his campaign for New York City Mayor. The only action that rivals his perverse inability to step back from public office in the wake of such character flaws, is his wife’s inexplicable patience. Huma Abedin has publicly stated that, despite his perverted and inexcusable personal flaws, she will continue to stand by him. Perhaps she’s going for the “Hillary Clinton Jr.” award?

Which brings up a strange, unnerving and chilling point: Where are all the feminists? It seems all too routine that women in politics allow themselves to be treated as doormats. I’m fairly certain that the vast majority of women in this country would not tolerate their husband’s continual sexual text messages with young progressive activists. And yet, Huma stands by her man. Where are the “self-empowering” feminists of yesteryear? Where is Sandra Fluke? Is she too busy getting free contraception to stand up for Huma’s self-respect? Aside from occasional MSNBC programing, I’m beginning to think the vast majority of Democrat women care very little about the dignity of their sex. Did the feminists of previous years burn their bras so a congressman could all but cheat on his wife with impunity?

Furthermore, the congressman has displayed a profound amount of arrogance. As he left his Park Avenue residence yesterday, he was quoted by the New York Post as saying that voters “won’t care that he continued to send lewd pictures of himself to women.” Really? Women in New York are okay with a man cheating on his wife, taking advantage of a sexually immature progressive activist, and then continuing his bad behavior after being publically called out on his actions?  

Maybe this is part of the problem with today’s political climate. The Democrats claim to be the party of women, and yet they circle the wagons around the Bill Clintons and Anthony Weiners of the world. According to the Democrats, women are such a weak gender, they can’t even family-plan without the helpful hand of a government instituted contraception mandate. Out of one side of their mouth, Democrats praise the work of Hillary Clinton, and from the other they sneer at the self-empowerment of Condoleezza Rice.  For a party dedicated to the wellbeing of women, minorities, and the downtrodden, they certainly seem willing to turn a blind eye to abuse when it one of their own.

While Huma is a grown-up and capable of making her own decisions, her staunch support for her habitual sexter husband demonstrates a crude disregard for female self-respect. Of course, Weiner does have an opportunity to teach the rest of the country a very important lesson: If he wins the mayoral race in New York, we will all know that New York Democrats are apathetic to morally bankrupt individuals. . . So long as they’re liberal.