Colorado Recall Petition Puts Pressure on Anti-Gun Dems

Posted: Jun 04, 2013 12:01 AM

So, what happens when a bunch of gun loving “right-wing, religious whack-jobs” decide there needs to be a change in government? Well, they exercise one of the rights they hold so dear as gun loving Americans: They petition. (What did you think I was going to say?) Organizers in New-New York (AKA: Colorado) have submitted a petition to recall the State’s Democrat Senate President. The move is a historic first for Colorado – with national implications.

The passage of New-New York’s highly restrictive gun control bills were heralded as a triumphant sign that progressive ideas were taking root in otherwise competitive corners of the country. Well, the liberal jubilance might have been a bit premature as organizers delivered to the Colorado Secretary of State’s office a completed petition to recall at least one high profile supporter of the measures. Democrat leader of the State Senate, John Morse won the last election with just under 14,000 votes. After helping to push through some of the state’s most expansive gun control schemes, he managed to anger enough voters for 16,000 signatures on the recall petition.  Only 7,178 signatures were required for submital.

The under-supported state Senator’s recall petition is the first in the State’s history, and a clear sign to Democrats in competitive districts nationwide that guns are a touchy topic. The recall couldn’t have happened to a more deserving soul in Colorado. In addition to backing bills that even a few fellow Democrats considered a disingenuous assault on second Amendment rights, Morse has sought support from some of the lest scrupulous anti-gun Liberals in America.

The unusually strong support for a recall effort is not a significant surprise, given that Morse’s point man for the anti-recall effort is a Denver Democrat who describes Colorado Springs (Morse’s district) as a “right-wing, religious whack-job strong-hold.” (Wow. With friends like that. . .) The Democrat’s attempts to oppose the recall were bankrolled, in part, by America’s most loveable authoritarian: New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Apparently residents of Colorado Springs disagree about making New York City their role model for gun laws. (And, with the five boroughs racking up 25 gun-related murders in just 48 short hours this last weekend, it’s not hard to see why.)

Morse, and his team of supporters (ambiguously named “Whole Lotta People for Morse”) have accused petition organizers (from here forward referred to as “Whole Lot More People Against Morse”) of deceptive and misleading tactics. The accusations are comical coming from a group that flooded the district with “public service” calls accusing petition supporters of identity theft. The group is also largely funded by “America Votes”; a group that lists Bloomberg as a major donor.

While it might have been a shock to liberal nannycrats across the nation, the recall effort’s strong support should not be treated as a surprise. Morse is in charge of a district that houses many military personnel, and even more hunters, recreationists, and concealed carry supporters. And, lest we forget, Morse went on the Rachel Maddow show to boast about his ability to ignore his constituent’s Second Amendment concerns. Remember: Placing restrictive gun laws might be unpopular and outrage the majority of voters. . . But that’s the Democrat way. After all, look at how well it has worked for Chicago, New York, L.A., Boston, San Francisco, Washington DC, etc.

Morse explains to Rachel Maddow how he’s able to ignore constituent’s concerns:

If Morse’s win was seen as a victory for swing state Democrats, his recall should be seen as the natural result of overstepping boundaries. If his role in passing restrictive gun control measures was seen as a triumph for the Bloomberg-Mayor’s-Against-Illegal-Guns crowd, his recall should be seen as a chilling reminder that voters (many of whom “cling to guns and religion”) still own the process.

More recall efforts are pending in the great state of New-New York, but this recall will surely have the most chilling impact among anti-gun Democrats. The State that has been slipping blue over the years, however, a concentrated effort to hold tone-deaf politicians accountable might be what the state needs to regain its tradition of individualism.

Colorado, pending the outcome of the recall, might just be on its way back to sanity. The events unfolding in Colorado will most likely stall otherwise inclined Democrats from supporting national reforms. Bad news for the nannycrats and gun-grabbers. But, someone might need to give Mayor Bloomberg a hug.