Another Memorial Day Passes

Posted: May 28, 2013 12:01 AM

Memorial Day weekend has come and gone. Summer is now upon us. Barbeques, parades, and occasional weekend sales at department stores await us each weekend of the next few months. On this last Tuesday in May we should be careful, however, to make sure the practice of honoring our fallen heroes is not relegated to only one or two weekends every year.

Our veterans have graciously sacrificed their own interests for the decency of strangers. The lives of our bravest are the currency used to purchase us our freedom. And the great debt of freedom is burdened disproportionately by the families that our Service members leave behind.

Memorial Day is a day to remember not only our fallen brothers in arms; but to remember for what reasons they were called upon to sacrifice so much. That final measure of devotion was not for arbitrary or empty reasons. And while the flags on tombstones, weekend parades, and veteran charities give us all a reason to momentarily reflect on the sacrifices of others, it is a reflection that is all too often, all too quick.

As we march into summer, keep your eyes open for ways to help, comfort, or support the families who sacrificed an unbearable measure for our nation’s survival. Thank our veterans who made it home, and keep a special place in your prayers for all those that remain in harm’s way.




[Video of Ronald Reagan’s Memorial Day Speech at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.]

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