The Second Amendment is Responsible for Mexico’s Drug Violence

Posted: May 04, 2013 12:01 AM

President Barack Obama went to Mexico to talk about strengthening commercial ties and security interests. He said, among many things, that he “sees a new Mexico emerging.”

Isn’t New Mexico already one of the 57 states?

He explained that "in this relationship there is no senior partner or junior partner; we are two equal partners, two sovereign nations that must work together in mutual interest and mutual respect.” Maybe that explains his Administration’s attempts to promote US food stamps south of the border.

But buried in his remarks about aligning interests, and putting old mindsets aside, he made sure to apologize on behalf of America. As he brushed the topic of drug cartel violence in one of the kidnap capitals of the world, he painted America as one of – if not the – contributing factor. Reuters reports:

Drug-fueled violence in Mexico is not entirely the fault of the Mexican people, he said. Instead, the United States shares the blame because much of the violence is centered around the Americans' demand for illegal drugs and the fact that guns are smuggled into Mexico from the United States.

Isn’t  he cute when he tries to talk about supply and demand?

The key take-away: The Second Amendment to the United States Constitution is the source of what ails Mexico. 

I should probably mention here that Mexico is a perfect demonstration of the failure of gun control. The country has such strict gun laws that only one gun store legally exists in the entire country. In fact, a former member of the US armed forces was recently arrested in Mexico for transporting an antique, non-operational, shotgun.

In comparison, Chicago – with its political corruption and intense gun control schemes – is a haven of individual liberty. So, it only makes sense that Bob’s Gun and Sporting Goods store in El Paso Texas is the primary problem.

It’s not as if the President hasn’t been known to blame America or apologize on any other occasion. But the insinuation that America’s relatively loose gun laws are to blame might be a step too far. Especially when there is not a word about the main culprit behind American guns ending up in the hands of Mexican drug cartels: The Department of Justice. According to Reuters, Obama also said:

We’ll keep increasing the pressure on the gun traffickers who bring illegal guns into Mexico, and we’ll keep putting these criminals where they belong--behind bars.

Eric Holder is going to jail? I doubt it. The impulse Obama has to blame America for most of the problems in the world is outmatched only by the irony of his remarks. Remember Operation Fast and Furious? (No. . . Not the movie.) It was an operation that intentionally put hundreds (if not thousands) of arms in the hands of some of the most violent and audacious drug cartels this side of Columbia. Operation Fast and Furious was an ATF operation designed “as a sting operation” without the “sting.”

Guns were intentionally given to drug cartels, and US officials were tasked with seeing where these guns ultimately ended up. In other words: Give a bad guy a gun, and see who he kills. When two of the guns ended up at the murder scene of a US Border Patrol agent, Congress started asking questions. . . Hat tip to Darrel Isa (R-CA).

Blaming American gun culture for Mexican drug violence is not a line that we are hearing for the first time. Hillary Clinton, Obama Administration Officials, and a number of news outlets reported that nearly 90 percent of guns used in drug cartel operations where from the good ‘ole US of A. . . What they meant to say was: 90 percent of traceable firearms are traced to the US. To which our response should be: Duh.

Traceable firearms are mostly comprised of firearms with US serial numbers. . . Um, US serial numbers. That means numbers given to American guns by American manufactures. And only about 17 percent of guns used by Drug cartels are “traceable.” And a portion of those are not necessarily civilian firearms that were purchased from sporting goods stores or US gun shops. Over 150,000 Mexican soldiers deserted the Mexican army last year – and most of them took their weapons. Mexican Authorities have recovered grenades, machine guns, rocket launchers and even M16s with American roots. . . See, the American Government gave those weapons to the Mexican government, who gave them to Mexican soldiers, who then ended up in the pocket of the cartels.

President Obama would be well served to keep his disdain for America’s gun culture to himself. The drug violence in Mexico is not the result of law abiding American citizens owning high-capacity magazines, AR-15s, or semiautomatic shotguns. The reason is in the name: Drug violence. The corruption, poverty, and government of Mexico are largely to blame. (Maybe better border security would cut down on the demand portion of this economic equation?) While America’s appetite for narcotics might very well be a contributing factor, most honest Mexicans are not sitting around thinking “If I can get my hands on a Bushmaster from that gun store in Arizona, I think I’m going to start a cartel.”

To the extent that Obama should apologize, it should be regarding his administration’s direct role in arming the thugs that wreck havoc on Ciudad Juarez, Mexico City, and other cartel strangleholds. He should apologize for the estimated 300 Mexicans killed with Fast and Furious weapons. He should apologize for Eric Holder.

And while he’s at it, he can apologize to us for telling our embattled neighbor that we are the problem.

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