None Dare Call it Sabotage

Posted: Apr 26, 2007 12:01 AM

Under the guise of responding to the will of those voters who gave them control of the House of Representatives, Democrats are busy trying to undermine the war effort and bash the president to improve their chances of winning the 2008 elections.

One of them, Rep. Dennis Kucinich -- the perennial presidential candidate from Ohio -- is wandering into cloud cuckoo-land by introducing articles of impeachment against Vice President Dick Cheney and calling for the impeachment of President Bush ... a couple of dandy ideas when the nation is involved in a war.

If that isn’t sufficiently bizarre, we have Rep. Henry Waxman, chairman of the Oversight and Government Reform Committee, spewing out subpoenas all over the place in what is the beginning of an obvious drive towards impeaching the president after hordes of administration officials have been dragged up to Capitol Hill and put on the rack.

Like his colleague Dennis Kucinich, little Henry Waxman -- his ridiculous mustache all aquiver as he rants and rages against the high crimes and misdemeanors of which he is convinced the Bush administration is guilty -- has begun to mimic the inmates of an asylum for the mentally deranged, who imagine dark and deadly deeds are afoot all around them.

The other day in Ramadi, we lost nine of the best Americans - cavalry scouts from the 82nd Airborne who were truck-bombed by Al Qaeda.

So how do the politicians here at home react to all of this? Simply by targeting the United States military.

Mr. Waxman held hearings designed to portray the Pentagon as a haven for propagandists who heartlessly exploit the deaths or combat ordeals of American soldiers to bolster the image of the administration’s war effort.

He was allegedly looking into the death of Pat Tillman and the capture and rescue of Private Jessica Lynch. Shamefully, he is using these two Americans to advance his agenda of retreat and defeat.

Just what was he hoping to find? That Pat Tillman was killed by friendly fire? We've known that for a long time. That the military may have made a mistake -- that somebody might have not told the truth? We already knew that too.

What Waxman is doing is hoping to discredit not just the Army, but the service of Pat Tillman and all the unsung heroes out there in Iraq and Afghanistan. When one of our soldiers is killed while serving in harm's way, as Tillman was, it is a hero's death whether from friendly or unfriendly fire. He died because he was there willingly, in harm's way.

When you're in a war zone and you’re killed, in my mind you’re a hero. And all of the despicable political rhetoric of Henry Waxman can’t change that.

Waxman is out to discredit the military and the wartime service of our men and women and he is wiling to dance on Pat Tillman's grave to do it.

Moreover, just what is Waxman hoping to find out about Jessica Lynch? That she wasn't raped? That she wasn't harmed? Just how does that help America?

So as nine dead Americans lie in the sands of Iraq, are the Democrats trying to defeat our enemy by attacking our troops? They are trying to prove that the military lied about these things, ignoring the fact that every war needs heroes, and it's hard to blame the military for stretching the facts and making a hero out of a famous American who died while in harm’s way.

In the case of Jessica Lynch, who willingly admits she did nothing heroic when she was captured -- that she did not go down fighting with her guns ablaze, and who vehemently denies she was a hero -- Waxman gleefully jumped on the military for their deception and celebrated her admission that she was not a hero.

The lie was not that Jessica Lynch was a hero, which she was just by virtue of the fact that she was serving in a war zone in danger of being taken prisoner by the enemy. The lie was the fact that she didn't fire her gun, something that does not make her any less of a hero even if she refuses to admit she was.