Michael Prell

Michael Prell
Barack Obama: Spending Czar
By Michael Prell
The funniest part of the Obama campaign (so far) is the President’s laughable claim that “contrary to widespread belief, President ...
June 05, 2012
Rejected White House Correspondents' Dinner Jokes
By Michael Prell
Here are some jokes that will not be delivered at the annual liberal love-fest known as the White House Correspondents’ ...
April 27, 2012
March Madness: Obama Champions One-Percenters
By Michael Prell
When Barack Obama picked his NCAA brackets, he should have done what he always does: champion the underdog, and demonize ...
March 23, 2012
Kony Konservatives
By Michael Prell
A strange thing happened on the way to get Kony: the media began attacking Kony’s attackers. Those who believe in ...
March 17, 2012
Israel Apartheid Week
By Michael Prell
Eight years ago, “Israel Apartheid Week” began on campuses in America and around the world to show “solidarity with the ...
March 08, 2012
The Perfect Candidate
By Michael Prell
Are you happy with the remaining Republican candidates? Or the current occupant of the White House? Or Congress? If your ...
February 15, 2012
Thou Shall Not Covet
January 30, 2012 |
Meanwhile, Outside of Iowa...
January 03, 2012 |
Fair Is a Four Letter Word
December 21, 2011 |
Israel Brings Us Together
October 06, 2011 |
In Defense of Bullying
September 08, 2011 |
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