ALF…Six degrees of separation

Posted: Mar 17, 2007 12:01 AM
ALF…Six degrees of separation

The kooky domestic terrorists at the Animal Liberation Front have struck again, this time in animal friendly Portland, Oregon.

ALF, known in FBI circles as…

“…a leading domestic terrorist threat,…”

…has taken to targeting investment advisors for Wachovia Securities, in some warped Six Degrees of Separation scheme that somehow makes a securities advisor in Portland, Oregon a “legitimate” target for their activities against GlaxoSmithKline; who apparently use the services of Huntingdon Life Sciences, a company founded in England, who is apparently, their ultimate target.

Can Kevin Bacon be more than two steps away?

Huntingdon Life Sciences evaluates the effects of chemicals and drugs, and yes, this involves testing on animals. Their homepage acknowledges that with the stringent demands for drug safety and necessity to minimize the risks to their human end users, surprise, they use animals in their experiments.

Huntingdon provides scientific services (experiments) for varied uses such as, veterinary medicines, human medicines, and other testing that ultimately benefits us as humans. They provide a breakout of their procedures used on animals, and obviously overlooked by ALF, an overwhelming majority of their testing occurs on rodents.

I guess the hooded cretins at ALF choose to ignore these facts, so that they can justify their incoherent targeting of innocent securities advisors in the advancement decidedly illegal activities, many highlighted at the Animal Liberation Press Office. I guess, in the best traditions of hooded anarchists, their single-purpose ends, justify their intimidating and illegal means.

ALF’s new tactics are disturbing. By their own illogic, virtually anybody that eats at McDonald’s, or takes prescription drugs may end up being one of their targets. Most of us understand that animals are used in a variety of ways to facilitate our everyday lives…some a bit extravagant, such as furs and cosmetics; some somewhat selfish, such as veterinary products that aid our pets, and enhance our enjoyment of them; and some quit necessary, such as prescription drug testing. None of us deserve to be individually targeted or intimidated simply because we interact with those that participate in this very vital function.

Who at ALF has not taken prescription drugs or taken their pet to the vet for treatment that ultimately led to some kind of drug treatment? It is impossible for even the most stringent ALF anarchist to walk through life without using the benefits of animal testing. So how does a securities analyst in Portland, Oregon get singled out for threats and intimidation?

Coupled with this illogic, is the MSM’s refusal to deal with these “terrorists” as the social threat that they are. While the Oregonian acknowledges in their article that ALF is considered a serious threat by the FBI, the Oregonian mitigates this label by calling them “activists” in their headline.

ALF claims responsibility for over forty “activist” activities over the past three years, many involve disruptions and suppression of legal activities. For all of their focus on the “negative effects” of the Patriot Act over the past five years, you would think that the MSM would likewise object to the threatening and destructive attacks that ALF and their cousins have perpetrated, that have the same net effects on others’ personal liberties. But I guess that it is okay to deny others their legal rights, and destroy their property, if you wrap your abuse of their liberties in the fuzzy cuteness of infant monkeys and puppies.

In the end they are the terrorists that the FBI classifies them as. But until we begin to recognize them for the threat that they are, we will be enabling their activity and emboldening them to take more aggressive measures to achieve their aims. Their activity needs to be stifled and directly engaged by the appropriate law enforcement agencies, until they can contain their methods to true civil disobedience bounded by existing laws, and that is respectful of others’ rights and property.

Their enablers, the MSM, need to begin to live in the real world and recognize that these violent “do-gooders” are not the innocents that they pretend to be, but that they are a true threat to our individual liberties, and because of their random methodologies, a potential physical threat to their varied targets.

ALF’s recent stretch to targeting indirectly connected associates of their prime targets is an ominous turn, and one that requires the immediate attention of law enforcement, and the blind MSM. Turning an indifferent eye to this dangerous group is in itself dangerous and reckless. Domestic terrorism is a real threat and ALF is proving that it cannot be further ignored.

Particularly if Kevin Bacon may eventually lie in the wandering path of ALF’s accelerating violence.