Michael Hamilton

Michael Hamilton
As Think Tank Folds, Free-Market Legacy Burns Bright
By Michael Hamilton
A think tank should be a beacon on a hill, a light guiding elected officials as they steer the ship ...
July 12, 2017
Senate Health Care Bill Rearranges Deck Chairs on Titanic
By Michael Hamilton
The Senate this summer is rearranging the deck chairs on the Obama, the proverbial ship of state the former president ...
July 01, 2017
NFL Barber Shop Faces Same Kind of Threat Hurting Patients
By Michael Hamilton
An ex-convict and entrepreneur, a barber for several players on the Green Bay Packers, could be forced to shut his ...
June 09, 2017
Kimmel, Congress Teach How Not to Message on Health Care
By Michael Hamilton
Students of the Obamacare replacement effort were assigned two lessons in health care policy messaging in the past week, courtesy ...
May 11, 2017
GOP Must Change America’s View of Health Insurance
By Michael Hamilton
The House of Representatives is poised to decide the fate of the American Health Care Act (AHCA), the Obamacare replacement ...
March 22, 2017
GOP Premium Penalty to Replace Obamacare Tax Penalty?
By Michael Hamilton
Conservatives and libertarians, lawmakers and pundits, can and will debate ad infinitum about the need for House Republican leaders to ensure ...
March 09, 2017
Trump’s IRS Gives Relief to Obamacare’s Walking Wounded
By Michael Hamilton
Of what significance is the Internal Revenue Service’s (IRS) recent change to the Obama administration’s instruction that the IRS reject tax ...
February 22, 2017
Show Constituents Love by Giving Health Care Freedom?
By Michael Hamilton
Lawmakers who failed to display appropriate affection for their constituents leading up to Valentine’s Day in 2017 still have time ...
February 16, 2017
State Lawmakers Should License Dental Therapists to Expand Oral Care Access
By Michael Hamilton
Lawmakers in several state legislatures will have a fresh opportunity in 2017 to expand access to oral health care for ...
December 09, 2016
Health Care Landscape Ripe for Certificate-of-Need Law Reform
By Michael Hamilton
Is a fruit farmer operating in a “free market” if he must pay for and obtain special permission from a ...
October 03, 2016
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