Weird Science: Does NSA Revelation Actually Have a Divine Message?

Posted: Aug 23, 2013 12:01 AM

Yes, I am, like many, outraged over the NSA snooping into private phone calls and Internet communications. I even asked myself, "Who do they think they are, God?"

Many often ask, "How does God hear so many prayers at once?" The shocking revelation that the government has the capability to intercept nearly 75 percent of all communications, and has intercepted millions without justification, may help answer that question.

In the movie "Bruce Almighty," a news reporter is suddenly given the ability to substitute for God. Almost immediately, he is overwhelmed by emails and constant voices of prayers from millions of people, all coming at the speed of light. The scenes from the movie are funny, but they also vividly illustrate how no one could humanly intercept and answer so many prayers on an endless basis.

For those who doubt the existence of God, this is likely a major cause for questioning the possibility of such an omnipresent force in our lives. But the operative issue is, "for those who are human."

The fact that our government can intercept so much data at any one given time is, to me, another of many but not so discernable pieces of evidence that God not only could exist, but indeed does.

We are told by our own government that while it can in fact gather massive amounts of data and communications at once, it really only focuses on that which stands out or is important. Many times I've heard people who doubt God's existence suggest the argument that "God could not possibly sort through all of the prayers he might receive and determine those that merit his intervention and those that do not." I understand that line of reasoning and from time to time have found it challenging.

But consider that if, as many of us believe, God created man and woman (I really don't focus on how it happened or evolved), is it not possible that we are just now seeing a glimpse, in our own clumsy and imperfect way, of what God is capable of?

After all, if computers, programs and systems, all created by men and women, can, as we are learning, take endless amounts of communication and determine what merits consideration and what does not, could not God, in his infinite ability, exceed such capabilities at an immeasurable level?

Over a decade ago, long before we learned of the existence of drones, I was told of the capability of the intelligence community to basically "see through walls" and know everything that takes place in a building or a room. I thought it a stretch and likely untrue. Yet now we have learned that such technology truly does exist.

If mankind is just now reaching the point of penetrating walls and buildings, is it not arguable that God has always had the capability to do so? And why is it not conceivable that his power to see all and hear all would not vastly exceed the advancements of mere mortals?

Every time a surgeon performs a delicate operation, or a pilot lands a plane in seemingly impossible weather, there seems to me to be a new bit of proof not that science is progressing, although that is obvious, but that God not only exists but can indeed more than equal those he created on earth.

Yes, tragedy occurs and prayers are not always answered, and for that I have no explanation. And in the end, just like the greatest of nations and people, everything on this earth comes to an end.

In my years of writing, I have never believed in "Bible thumping" and have placed "preaching" aside when politics is my mainstay.

But it does seem that in this era of endless fighting and discord -- and, I might add, disillusionment over what seems to be the dismantling of constitutional foundations such as the right to privacy -- there can be found a silver lining.

Perhaps the technocratic and crazy world we are witnessing serves to reinforce a belief that, in the end, can only be a matter of faith and a prayer -- prayer that may be heard and answered more often than some think.

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