Queerly Beloved – “Gay” Activists Sue eHarmony

Posted: Jun 06, 2007 12:01 AM
Queerly Beloved – “Gay” Activists Sue eHarmony

Luigi is living the American dream. He’s finally saved up enough money to come to America — the land of freedom and opportunity — to pursue his lifelong goal of owning and operating his own pizzeria. Based on his grandmother’s old family recipe, his pizza pie quickly becomes known as the best in town.

Bruce is hungry. As he strolls down the boulevard, he decides he’s got a taste for Chinese food. Bruce walks past three Chinese restaurants and goes into Luigi’s. Bruce has seen too many episodes of The Sopranos, so he doesn’t like Italians. “I’ll have an order of Egg Foo Yung,” Bruce says to Luigi. “Egg Foo who?” Luigi replies. Bruce promptly sues Luigi for unspecified damages, seeking an injunction to force him to add Egg Foo Yung to his menu.

Ridiculous, right? No more so than a “discrimination” lawsuit recently filed by homosexual activists in the Los Angeles County Superior Court which seeks to force eHarmony.com, a popular online matchmaking service, to essentially change its menu by compelling it to cater to the hook-up hankerings of “gays” and lesbians. The lawsuit asserts that, because eHarmony offers services only to men seeking women and vice versa, the company is in violation of a California state law which bans discrimination based on “sexual orientation.”

Author and clinical psychologist Dr. Neil Clark Warren is founder of eHarmony.com, Inc. Dr. Warren is an evangelical Christian with former business ties to the Christian organization Focus on the Family. eHarmony’s stated goal is to “[build] happy and lasting relationships all over the world.” The company promotes traditional marriage by matching prospective spouses based on “‘29 Dimensions of Compatibility’ found in thousands of successful relationships.” Dr. Warren has indicated in multiple press accounts that his expertise is limited to heterosexual relationships, and for that reason alone, eHarmony focuses on promoting traditional marriage.

But the reason shouldn’t matter. Isn’t a private business which promotes marriage and family a good thing? This is America — the land of freedom and opportunity, right?

Remember our friend Bruce and how he passed up three Chinese food restaurants so he could target Luigi for harassment? We’ve got the same thing here. Consider that there are hundreds, if not thousands, of online matchmaking services available to “gays” and lesbians. Ironically, many of those services cater exclusively to homosexuals, thereby “discriminating” against heterosexuals. (Somebody sound the hypocrisy alarm.) This isn’t about “discrimination,” it’s about power, control and the forced promotion of homosexuality.

Just as Bruce doesn’t like Italians, many on the left don’t like Christians. They don’t like that Christians believe that there are clear lines of demarcation between right and wrong. They don’t like that both the Bible and natural law unequivocally condemn homosexual behaviors as immoral and disordered. They don’t like hearing the Good News that a Redeemer loves them so much He offers us freedom from our sin. And for that reason, they don’t like Dr. Neil Clark Warren, and they don’t like eHarmony. Oh, and the fact that Dr. Warren is a Christian with ties to Dr. James Dobson’s Focus on the Family — well, that just drives ‘em plain batty.

So, eHarmony becomes the latest casualty of the lefty-lavender-bully-brigade as they seek to rid the world of contrived and twisted notions of “heterosexism” and “homophobia.” The plan is underway. The intent is to fill the vacuum with government mandated celebration of deviant, mutable and disordered homosexual behaviors. (The terms “homophobia” and “heterosexism” are made up word weapons used by the left against anyone who agrees with the traditional values model of human sexuality or who doesn’t unconditionally accept homosexual behavior.)

If you happen to be one of the millions of Americans who disagree with the left, then you are a bigoted, “heterosexist” “homophobe.” And by extension, you, your beliefs, relevant portions of the Bible, eHarmony or anything else which might even be perceived as slightly “heterosexist” or “homophobic” must either be forced to conform to the left’s view of things or be done away with altogether.

Isn’t that what people like Luigi come to America to get away from? So much for the land of freedom and opportunity.