"Gay" Goliath Lobs Dud at CWA; Aims for Clever, Lands on Silly

Posted: Apr 13, 2007 10:21 AM

The pro-homosexual Human Rights Campaign (HRC) has asked Concerned Women for America (CWA) to the political Jitterbug dance; and though CWA don't swing that way, we'll make an exception this one time....Invitation accepted.

You can't help but be a little embarrassed for Joe Solmonese and his partners over at HRC. With an annual budget of nearly 40 million dollars, you'd think that ol' Joe could afford some writers and spinmeisters worth their salt. But apparently HRC has set aside the lion's share of its fundraising purse for Hillary Clinton's speaking fees and to maintain that fabulous interior office design. And so the cheeky graduates of Joe's Bar and Community College have hit the job placement bonanza.

A couple of weeks ago, it was learned that the alleged high-profile "hate crime" involving 72 year-old "gay"-identified Andrew Anthos, which was used by liberals in Congress to justify introduction of The Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act (H.R. 1592), was in fact a fraudulent report. Let that sink in a minute. The very "hate crime" intended to whip up an emotional frenzy in support of "hate crimes" legislation, which would grant homosexuals and cross-dressers superior victim status over children and the elderly, never even happened.

Though Anthos' death turned out to be a tragic accident, the unseemly and calculating manner in which groups like HRC have leveraged it provides a fitting metaphor for the larger concept of "gay"-friendly "hate crimes" legislation. The very emotional arguments used to push "hate crimes" through Congress are built entirely upon a paper-thin foundation, further destabilized by demonstrable fraud.

Consider this insightful point recently made by Peter Smith of LifeSiteNews: "In perhaps the most famous 'hate crime' case of Matthew Shephard, his murderers said their crime had nothing to do with Shephard's homosexual orientation, but concerned money for drugs. ABC News' 20/20 admitted after an investigation that the attack had not been a 'hate crime,' but was, in fact, a bungled robbery. Nevertheless, the case generated over 13,500 'Matthew Shepard' news stories, massive TV coverage, two major Hollywood specials, three TV movies and a play."

It's important to note that the two thugs who robbed and murdered Shephard are now serving life in prison apart from any "hate crimes" law, proving once again that such laws are entirely unnecessary if not completely unconstitutional. Equal justice under the law is guaranteed, and equal justice was received.

However, since the homosexual lobby has invested everything in its portrayal of Matthew Shepard as the "hate crimes" poster-boy, groups like HRC and their cohorts in the mainstream media continue to shamelessly promulgate the Matthew Shepard myth, etching into history a doctoral thesis on successful political propaganda.

The case for "gay"-friendly "hate crimes" legislation is put together as if Duke Lacrosse prosecutor Michael Nifong wrote the brief himself. The weight of the evidence indicates that an alarming percentage of the already miniscule number of sexually motivated "hate crimes" reports such as Mr. Anthos' are rooted in fraud. Since many of those may have been intentionally manufactured or at least encouraged by homosexual activists, CWA recently issued a press release calling for a federal investigation, "to determine to what degree fraudulent 'hate crimes' reports have contributed to support of H.R. 1592 and to what extent the homosexual lobby has leveraged such reports through either act or omission as a political means to a political end."

Now, here's where it gets hysterical. This past Tuesday, HRC issued a press release on CWA 's call for a federal investigation into HRC's own dubious activities, spinning so hard that Joe Solmonese must still be dizzy. Check out the title, but take a breath, it's a bit clumsy: "Human Rights Campaign President Thanks National Right Wing Organization For Now Supporting Federal Hate Crimes Legislation"… annnnnd exhale.

So, ya get it? Don't let what you actually read in CWA's press release confuse you. CWA has had a road-to-Damascus experience here, having performed a John Kerry-esque flip-flop, and despite what you may have heard to the contrary, CWA actually "[supports] Hate Crimes Legislation." And for that, Joe Solmonese says, "thank you CWA."

As ol' Joe himself put it while playfully splashing around in a pool of his own misperceived wit, "CWA has finally acknowledged the need for federal involvement to investigate these violent acts of hate that terrorize whole communities of Americans." But the real gem comes from "gay" news site 247gay.com. While covering HRC's press release, the Web site crows, "Concerned Women for America Come out in Support of Federal Hate Crimes Law," further proclaiming that CWA has done, "an about face," on the issue.

HRC's intentional misrepresentation of the facts and the ridiculous leap of logic it attempts would really be pretty funny if it weren't so serious. It only serves to further underscore the disingenuous nature and deceitful methods employed by this entire movement, which is entirely built on lies.

Still, the fact that HRC felt it necessary to go through such tremendous and convoluted lengths to attempt to marginalize CWA's call for an investigation into fraudulent "hate crimes" reports says a whole lot more about them than it does CWA. It clearly establishes that as more and more facts about so-called "hate crimes" come out, HRC's case for this deceptive legislation is quickly beginning to unravel. The organization's unprovoked attack on CWA definitively bears out that reality.

And so, to Joe Solmonese and his enthusiastic staff over at HRC, those of us here at CWA would like to take a moment to return the favor. We'd like to thank you for thanking us for asking the feds to investigate you.