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I am enjoying the first really cool evening since May out on my deck, reading about a supernova that will be visible with my amateur telescope, drinking a fine French bordeaux and listening to the phenomenal Herbie Hancock “Possibilities” album.

This is a rare moment for me lately.  I used to enjoy evenings like this all the time.  But the doldrum days of Democratic Party rule has us in that listless inertia that is so awkward for Americans.

The last great Democrat was John Fitzgerald Kennedy.  He stared down the Russians, cut tax rates to kindle the economy, and inspired Americans to go to the Moon.  What a leader.  Sure, he was a philanderer.  But he even excelled at salaciousness.

I tuned into the local “progressive talk” radio station today and they were actually talking about abandoning Barack Obama; not voting for him in 2012.  That discussion was more melodic to me than Christina Aguilera on that Herbie Hancock collection -- you have got to hear this album.  In fact, get the video version to enjoy the unfiltered phenomenon in God’s gift of human talent.

Anyway, the progressives are embarrassed at their 2008 hero for not being more important than a Republican primary debate when he recently asked to address the United States House of Representatives and Speaker Boehner handed the President a rain check.  After the President finally delivered his jobs bill address, the Democratically-controlled Senate voted it down.

Even the useful idiots who are “occupying Wall Street” do not carry Barack Obama on their shoulders.  The loyally liberal late-night talk show hosts are now daring to joke about the impotence of this non-great president.  Inappropriate as it may be, I take pleasure in hearing such dissidence to the throne (just a moment while I sip another swirl of bordeaux from my stemware).

The most memorable and historic quote from John F. Kennedy is, “Ask not what your country can do for you.  Ask what you can do for your country.”  Barack Obama doesn’t own a quote.  He simply does not own one.

There are two legs under the stool of President Obama’s domestic and foreign policies: blame George W. Bush for all the ills of the Universe, and spend an unfathomable amount of money.  Having emptied his own clip into the economic beast, even his muzzy sidekick Joe Biden no longer thinks the old formula will work.  Imagine the fortitude that will be required of Obama’s successor to avoid blaming his administration for the debt, joblessness, inflation, and constricting bureaucracy that he/she will inherit.

White House Chief of Staff Bill Daley is the first significant staff member to publicly discuss moving along after the 2012 elections.  It is right about now that President Obama will begin seriously considering what his premature legacy will be.  I mean, what could possibly go into the Obama Presidential Library besides his birth certificate?

My absolute favorite weather moment is what I am feeling right now; that first brisk hint of Fall.  Cold wind that pushes through evergreen needles has a sound all its own.

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