Lynn O'Shaughnessy

Lynn O'Shaughnessy
Finding Advisers You Can Trust
By Lynn O'Shaughnessy
Too many people who portray themselves as financial experts aren't. The threshold to get into this business is too low ...
June 26, 2007
Retirement Takes Planning
By Lynn O'Shaughnessy
It's a harsh reality that nobody is going to lend you money once you reach the age where your daily ...
June 19, 2007
Time in the Kitchen Can Cook Up Some Savings
By Lynn O'Shaughnessy
Growing up in a family of seven posed all sorts of culinary challenges. It was impossible, for instance, to divide ...
June 12, 2007
50 years and counting for S&P's index of measuring growth
By Lynn O'Shaughnessy
Fifty years ago, millions of Americans were petrified at the prospect of being surpassed by the Communist Darth Vader when ...
June 05, 2007
Flexibility is key to finding affordable universities
By Lynn O'Shaughnessy
When teenagers start shopping for colleges, the price is often not something they dwell upon. Which is why I wasn't ...
May 22, 2007
Getting past prestige names when searching for a college
By Lynn O'Shaughnessy
When my daughter was preparing to retake the SAT last fall, she asked me to help her with some sample ...
May 15, 2007
Money and You
April 30, 2007 |
Stockbrokers' legal role in giving advice is up in the air
By Lynn O'Shaughnessy
In 1999, the Securities and Exchange Commission tossed out a proposal that anyone with just a left or right brain ...
April 23, 2007
Readers offer their own stories of frugal living
By Lynn O'Shaughnessy
Recently, I was delighted by the tremendous number of e-mails that I received from readers reacting to my column. Maybe ...
April 03, 2007
Live below your means, no matter what your means may be
By Lynn O'Shaughnessy
During much of the 1980s, I didn't have to wait until the yearly sale to buy a cute dress at ...
March 28, 2007
Money and You
By Lynn O'Shaughnessy
Nobody likes to talk about their credit card debt. If you're addicted to plastic, you certainly don't want anyone to ...
March 20, 2007
When markets head south, don't hit the panic button
By Lynn O'Shaughnessy
Ouch. Feb. 27 was one of those days when a pinched nerve would have felt like a relief compared ...
March 12, 2007
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