Elizabeth Edwards Sends Campaign Into Oblivion

Posted: Oct 11, 2007 12:00 AM
Elizabeth Edwards Sends Campaign Into Oblivion

Elizabeth Edwards sure has been feisty lately! I’m starting to think she’s auditioning for a seat on The View. Doesn’t she know all the seats have been filled? If Mrs. Edwards wears the pants in that marriage, I hope there's a good return policy.

A recent fawning profile in Time magazine was more uncomfortable than Al and Tipper Gore’s infamous kiss.

[John] and Elizabeth fall into a little routine onstage—she's the smart, gabby wife, he's the exasperated but loving husband—and when she interrupts him by mopping up some water that has spilled at his feet, he pretends to get mad. "Quit frettin' about it! Y'all stop messin' around and listen!’ People laugh—husbands nudge their wives…

Um, yeah, husbands were nudging their wives because of Edwards’ unintentional impression of “Mammy” from Gone with the Wind.

In my column last week, I wrote about Intrade.com’s tracking of former Senator John Edwards. Interestingly, Senator Edwards’ lows seem to coincide with his wife’s silly, Drudge-worthy sound bites. Here’s a sampling of Mrs. Edwards sending her husband’s campaign into oblivion (dates listed are when comments were first reported):

- October 6, 2006: “[Hillary Clinton] and I are from the same generation. We both went to law school and married other lawyers, but after that, we made other choices. I think my choices have made me happier. I think I'm more joyful than she is.”

- April 11, 2007: Calls North Carolina neighbor “slummy” and “rabid, rabid Republican.”

- July 17, 2007: “[S]ometimes you feel you have to behave as a man and not talk about women's issues. I’m sympathetic – [Hillary Clinton] wants to be commander in chief. But she's just not as vocal a women's advocate as I want to see. John is. She’s just not as vocal a women's advocate as I want to see. John is.”

- August 6, 2007 : “We can't make John black, we can't make him a woman. Those things get you a lot of press, worth a certain amount of fundraising dollars.”

- October 4, 2007: “My classmates went to Vietnam, [Rush Limbaugh] did not. He was 4F. He had a medical disability, the same medical disability that probably should have stopped him from spending a lifetime in a radio announcer’s chair; but it is true, isn’t it? If he has an inoperable position that allows him not to serve, presumably it should not allow him to sit for long periods of time the way he does. I think this is a serious enough offense for the people who fund him, who buy ads and allow him to be on the air…”

It appears that all Elizabeth Edwards gleaned from the 2004 election is John Kerry’s political savoir-faire. The difference, however, is that while Senator Kerry picked on soldiers, Mrs. Edwards goes for the big fish like Limbaugh and Coulter. Heaven forbid that anyone suggest she’s just doing it for media attention. That’s something that only outrageous conservatives would do!

A familiar theme in Elizabeth Edwards’ condemnation of conservatives is suggesting that they shouldn’t be allowed to speak. In the quote above, Mrs. Edwards questions those who “allow [Rush Limbaugh] to be on the air.” In her “surprise” confrontation with Ann Coulter on Hardball with Chris Matthews, Mrs. Edwards said, “And I am going to ask you again to politely stop using personal attacks as part of your dialogue. If you can‘t write [columns and books] without them, then that is fine.”

Apparently, only Elizabeth “Slummy” Edwards can decide what constitutes a personal attack. I sure hope Senator Clinton doesn’t take it personally that she has a less “joyful” life and “behaves like a man.” Likewise, I hope Senator Barack Obama doesn’t take it personally that Mrs. Edwards thinks he’s only getting press and fundraising dollars because he’s a black candidate. Next thing you know she’ll be saying that the media wants to see a black presidential candidate succeed and then there goes her stint on ESPN!

By contrast, the media was in a tizzy when Rush Limbaugh made a similar statement on ESPN’s GameDay about Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb. Limbaugh said, “The media has been very desirous that a black quarterback can do well — black coaches and black quarterbacks doing well.”

The working definition of “personal attacks” is any time a conservative says something “mean.” However unfair, let’s suppose this definition is applied to liberals like Elizabeth Edwards. Until now she has had carte blanche to tell Coulter she shouldn’t write books or columns, announce that Rush shouldn’t be on the air and is faking a disability, and accuse the media of focusing on Senator Obama because he’s black. Sounds like it’s time for Elizabeth Edwards to go to rehab.