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Teacher Filmed Blowing Up a Condom Like a Balloon in Health Class

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Students who appear to be middle schoolers witnessed a teacher blowing up a condom like a balloon as a part of a sex ed lesson in a health class somewhere, quite possibly in Canada.


A video of the incident was posted on YouTube by a user October 21, 2012. The user listed her country as Canada but offered no hometown, and no clue about the identity of the school where this took place.


But it’s an odd occurrence, to say the least. At the risk of sounding like prudes, we have to ask if it’s appropriate for a teacher to be using a human contraceptive tool in such a lighthearted manner in front of children.

Birth control is serious business, particularly for young people who are nowhere close to being ready to become parents. Shouldn’t sex education lessons be conducted in far more serious manner?

This one obviously wasn’t. As the teacher showed off the condom to the class, one girl asks, “Is that banana flavored?”

The teacher then blows up the condom, to the guffaw of the students. They can be heard joking and talking while the teacher is “teaching.”

Does anyone out there know where this video comes from? And does anyone else find it rather disturbing? We’d be interested in hearing your opinions at

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