“Anarchy 101: How Wisconsin’s Left Embraces Chaos” – An EAGnews.org exposé

Posted: May 02, 2012 12:01 AM
“Anarchy 101: How Wisconsin’s Left Embraces Chaos” – An EAGnews.org exposé

The demonstrations and chaos that followed Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s introduction of budget reforms – later known as Act 10 – were a preview of what was to come from the orchestrated Occupy Wall Street protests. The protests in Madison had it all, except for Occupy’s numerous rapes, of course.

EAGnews.org has produced an exclusive video report disclosing who and what were behind the massive demonstrations, the occupation of the Capitol in Madison, and extreme tactics employed to stop Walker’s reforms from being enacted.

Titled “Anarchy 101: How Wisconsin’s Left Embraces Chaos,” the report takes us through the protests, legal challenges and subsequent recall efforts of 2011 and 2012. It features Brett Healy and Brian Fraley of the MacIver Institute, Collin Roth of Media Trackers, an unidentified citizen journalist on the ground for many of the protests, and State Sen. Alberta Darling, a target of death threats, intimidation tactics, and a failed recall attempt last year.

It also features two teachers, including Kenosha’s Kristi Lacroix, and a school board member who would not be silenced by the radicals’ intimidation tactics and spoke to EAGnews about the benefits of Scott Walker’s reforms.

The report reveals that far-left activists with the Liberty Tree Foundation began plotting their anti-Walker strategy in December 2010 – a month before he was even sworn in, and well before budget reforms were even announced. It shows how the goal was much broader than simply protecting “worker rights” in the state. The idea for many radicals was to make Wisconsin part of a broader global struggle against capitalism.

It video also reveals how the “mainstream” labor unions never denounced the death threats, intimidating tactics, or the destruction of public property. It reveals how the unions (WEAC in particular) encouraged teachers to abandon students and bolt from their classrooms.

MacIver’s Healy told us it cost Madison Metropolitan School District $900,000 a day in pay for employees who refused to show up for work.

“Anarchy 101” documents the very radical elements of the protest and the loose coalition that sought to subvert legislative action. But we must wonder: Why wouldn’t such “mainstream” labor organizations, like WEAC, refuse to condemn such dangerous and destructive tactics?

“The radicals bring the heat and you need the heat to keep the passions enflamed for this long. They had to keep this going for over a year in order to accomplish the recalls, so they’ll take any ally that they can use and tap into that energy,” Fraley told EAGnews.org.

The anti-Walker campaign has involved legislators fleeing the state, death threats, intimidation, destruction of property and utter contempt for any whiff of civility. It represented a new paradigm in political discourse: “The ends justify the means.”

It was a glimpse into the Occupy Wall Street protests which would occur 8 months later. But it begs the question: Will citizens reward this behavior by giving them Walker’s scalp?