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As radical progressives continue to strengthen their grip on the #OccupyWallStreet mob, they’ve looked to activists of yesteryear to glean some advice and guidance. The #OccupyChicago crowd has unsurprisingly turned to domestic terrorist-turned-university professor Bill Ayers.

Ayers appeared at a recent “teach in” at #OccupyChicago and regaled his audience with stories of meeting with the Vietnamese to tut-tut about his “American revolution.”

He theorized whether or not the police – you know, the pigs that protesters are attacking from coast-to-coast – are indeed a part of the 99%. They’re not if they attack us, he mused.

But then, in typical leftist fashion, he wondered why we have jails at all. “Let’s abolish the prisons. That freaks people out,” he told his audience.

“But then somebody immediately says, ‘What about John Wayne Gacy…?’ Okay, one cell. Who else…who else. Alright, I’ll give you George Bush,” he said to his giggling admirers.

The more the #Occupy crowd embraces radicals and retired terrorists, the less chance they have of being respected for anything they say. But I honestly don’t think they’re seeking validity in the sense of a political debate.

Look at the violent protests unfolding around the country. These hotheads want to engage the police and law enforcement. They want to force conflict because they know simply can’t win the political argument.

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