#Occupy’s Favorite Anti-Semitic Teacher Turns Her Sights on LA School Board

Posted: Nov 01, 2011 12:01 AM


Patricia McAllister is the anti-Semitic gasbag who recently spouted racist remarks to Reason.tv.  She was summarily fired by the Los Angeles Unified School District where she was an at-will substitute teacher.  When a Fox 11 reporter gave her a chance to clarify her remarks, she continued with the same moronic diatribe: “Jews have been run out of 109 countries throughout history – we need to run them out of this one.”


An organizer for #OccupyLA was standing within earshot when McAllister spoke and refused to denounce her remarks. Is it now safe to assume that the Occupy protesters have adopted an anti-Jewish platform?


Of course McAllister isn’t satisfied with the outrage she provoked with her racist remarks.  Now she has targeted the Los Angeles school board:


LomaLindaPatch reports:


“Patricia McAllister, a teacher from the Los Angeles Unified School District, held a sign by the road as drivers honked in solidarity. She was concerned with some of the political issues she had seen on the school board. McAllister has noticed that many of the board members are elected, and as a result they receive campaign donations from charter schools and construction firms, who they steer business towards.

“’This is a conflict of interest,’ McAllister said. ‘They (board members) need to be appointed, not elected.’”

That’s a strange position for her to take, because typically unions prefer elections over appointments because elections are easier to manipulate.  The amount of teachers union campaign cash flowing to current school board members is astounding.

KCET reported in February 2011:

“UTLA's Political Action Council of Educators (PACE) has spent about $341,000 in the Board of Education race. Nearly 80 percent of the PAC's money has gone to support incumbent Marguerite LaMotte in the 1st District race. AJ Duffy, president of UTLA, said the union supports LaMotte because ‘she is a true friend of public education and understands that teachers do work hard.’”

Translation: LaMotte supports union interests.  McAllister probably lets LaMotte off the hook because, despite her conflict of interest with the teachers union, at least she’s not a “Zionist Jew!”

McAllister is also going after the dreaded “teacher killers.” She’s been photographed holding a sign that says “Don’t Kill Our Teachers! Who will teach our children?  Pimps & Drug Dealers.”  Another part of the sign reads, “Wall Street is killing America’s teachers.”

So one is left to conclude that the Jews on Wall Street are killing America’s teachers.  You would think we would have heard about that on the news.

Are Los Angeles school officials really so desperate for substitute teachers that they had to hire this hate-filled lowlife?  How many more like her exist in the teaching ranks of Los Angeles and around the country?

Concerned parents and taxpayers everywhere would like to know.


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