Frances Fox Piven and Richard Trumka Join Forces April 5th

Posted: Apr 02, 2011 12:01 AM

The far left has attempted to portray their elderly hero, Frances Fox Piven, as a lonely shut-in who spends her time knitting mittens and eating Werther’s Originals in her New York apartment.

But the truth is that age has not dampened Piven’s appetite for radical socialist political activities.

Piven, an academic who is still on the board of ACORN-partner Project Vote, has announced that she will be co-hosting a 1960s-style “teach-in” April 5th, and she’s bringing in some heavy hitters.

The national event, which will be simulcast, will also feature fellow socialist professor Cornel West and AFL-CIO president Richard Trumka.  SEIU is also participating.

At the recent Left Forum, where Piven greeted attendees as “comrades,” she explained “a few practical steps” protesters could take in order to fight back against capitalism.  See her speech here.

They include demonstrations or sit-ins at banks, “fights over the public sector,” (whatever that means), and protests against home foreclosures. She explained that all of these tactics are part of the fight against the “corporate campaign to take down America.”

For the teach-ins, several “content themes” are suggested. 

It’s obvious that Piven has not retired. She is still very much on the front line of the effort to protect government employees from having to make any sort of financial concessions. Her message remains very timely in some circles, like rabid Wisconsin labor types who crawl through windows of government buildings and block citizens from signing recall petitions against liberal lawmakers.

 Piven has been, and continues to be, a warrior for socialism

Will her 60s-style teach-in make any difference to anyone? I doubt it, but Piven and her comrades still merit the public’s attention. It’s useful to know that there are still Marxists out there who are willing to cheat in elections and disrupt business activities to make their point.

Time has literally left them behind, but their tactics should still be of concern.

They need to be exposed, if for no other reason than to remind the mainstream media that radicals still exist, and will go to any extreme to get their point across.