No More Letting Them Slander Conservatives

Posted: May 19, 2022 12:01 AM
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No More Letting Them Slander Conservatives

Source: AP Photo/Matt Rourke

It's been a few days since some freak decided to go on a shooting spree, and the left told you it was all your fault because this toad scribbled an incoherent series of idiot ramblings blaming people of other races and ethnicities for his own total failure at life. No mystery about motive this time; the FBI was right on the case, and shame on you for drawing the obvious conclusion that this was because the administration felt this incident could be exploited for cheap political gain. Except it hasn't worked the way that they hoped. Their lies aren't cutting it anymore, even when they carted Grandpa Badfinger out to the scene and got him running his fool mouth about the lies du jour. 

No more. 

They are so bummed that we're not hanging our head in shame for what the *consults the moron's manifesto* green, fascist, socialist who hates Fox News did. It was like the libs were sitting there just waiting for some creep to go kill-crazy, and they must have been frustrated lately that Team Tucker has never been behind any of the recent atrocities. Waukesha, the Brooklyn subway – the last few creeps who did this have been pretty much down with the CRT agenda, and that had to be disappointing to the progs since their idiotic ideology made them useless for propaganda purposes. After all, the proper thing to do when innocent citizens are mowed down because of the color of their skin is, in the eyes of the left, to try to leverage the mayhem to disarm and disenfranchise normal people who had nothing to do with it. 

The Democrats are more excited about this event than Jeffrey Toobin when he gets a Zoom call. No wonder President Crusty even found time in his busy schedule of Cornholio-esque tirades and "Matlock" marathons to go to Buffalo to distract people from issues like baby food shortages and $6 gas. Biden's flacks claimed he wanted to grieve, but that's a lie like everything else the glorified zombie says. He wanted to go claim that you did this thing that someone else did because you refused to submit to pinko domination. 

No more. 

We've seen this bull before, and we're tired of it. And this time, we responded better than we used to. See, because we are decent people who are horrified by racist criminals instead of delighted at the chance to leverage them to support our ideology, we often reacted in the past by failing to aggressively push back in the wake of such tragedies. We considered it unseemly to argue as bodies were being hauled to the morgue and families were shattered with the news that their loved ones had been slaughtered for the "crime" of being as God made them. 

Well, it's still unseemly, but better unseemly than serfs. Our impulse to be kind and polite became a cudgel in the hands of our political opponents, who showed no hesitation in using killings that our ideology had zero to do with to shame us into silence and acquiescence in our own oppression. Remember all those Republican pols who suddenly embraced "commonsense gun control" after some freak used a gun on people who often were not allowed to have guns to protect themselves? 

No more. 

The narrative manipulation that followed the killing by that nameless scuzz – never give these scumbags their jollies by repeating their names in public except on the day they are sentenced, as they would be in civilized states that punish criminals, to die – did not inspire surrender and self-doubt among conservatives. The Big Lib Lie was that somehow because Tucker Carlson cited the Democrats' crowing about how they intended to import millions of foreigners into America to swing the demographics to what they thought would be more Dem-favorable groups, Fox News was responsible for this massacre. It's morally illiterate and just plain stupid, but once upon a time, these gambits worked. 

No more. 

This time, there was no sissycon reticence about fighting back to get the truth out. Immediately, conservatives read this illiterate's stupid manifesto and found that not only did it have nothing to do with Tucker Carlson, but that it included some sort of reference to Fox News as a Jewish conspiracy. That's not the kind of thing a Fox fan scribbles in his dumb dream journal. Moreover, the mutant jerk embraced some neo-Nazi Ukrainian militia – wait, aren't cons supposed to be in love with Putin? Can't the left settle on a consistent lie? 

That this goober was the antithesis of conservatism was clear, and conservatives did not hesitate to push back against a synchronized bull-Schiff narrative designed to let the immoral left lift the moral high ground from the people it belongs to – us. In fact, conservatives turned the "Great Replacement Theory" nonsense around, pointing out the popular books by Democrats celebrating it and how the Democrats bragged about it on Twitter. There was no longer the old-school masochistic willingness to be browbeaten into ignoring the very gameplan Dems have been bragging about for decades. Instead, conservatives will redouble their efforts to deal with the scheme the right way – we will continue to make our case to American voters of Hispanic and other ethnic descents. And it is working – Hispanics are swinging hard toward Republicans in the midterms, and they despise Uncle Gropey even more than people of pallor do. 

We patriots are done being polite. If these prog prongs try to stick the blame for these hideous murders on us, we'll stick it right back, harder and farther. No more allowing sorrow to stop us from standing up for the truth. No more using our niceness against us for cheesy political advantage. We've played that game. 

No more. 

And hey, if we can have a great replacement of annoying liberal wine women with hard-working, patriotic Hispanics who don't tolerate gender insanity, count us in. 

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