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Gaslighting, Dishonest, Buffoons

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Forget any idea you’ve ever held about the “truth” and the application of “common sense” and hoping for its return to the mainstream politic and media in America.

From the looks of things, it’s gone. There seems to be zero interest in reviving it. And we are all doomed if we don’t take back control.

The last several days of this first week in 2022 proved excessively revealing. The world spun, we went back to work (as best we could,) but did we ever learn a thing or two about the left’s playbook for the year.

Here it is in a nutshell: literally make up anything you wish in order to “make your point.”

This isn’t surprising in theory. They’ve operated like this since we were all asked to believe that a guy who couldn’t fill 15 circled seating spots in an empty gym somehow defeated the guy who packed in 100,000’s of attendees in stadiums and airport hangers in sub-freezing weather.

It’s election cycle again so the plan is straightforward. Make up the most fantastic, breath-taking claims and pass them off as true.

Kamala Harris insists that you believe that the disruption of January 6 2020 was the equivalent of the downing of the twin towers of September 11.

Full stop. 

Aunt Crazy should be dismissed from her job right there but sadly she will live to cackle nervously in days yet to come.

*President Biden claimed this week that we lost several police officers in the events of the Capitol protests. Which we didn’t — not one. (We did however have a Capitol police officer shoot a service member from the Air Force at point blank range and kill her. But why confuse the confused-in-chief?)

The *White House also released a graphic on social media this week “showing” that they are “creating” jobs in excess of 500,000 per month. They also graphed it with the jobs numbers of all other modern era administrations — which they supposedly dwarfed. The problem was they released the graph on the same day that the new jobs numbers were released clocking in at 199,000 jobs created for the month, missing the estimates of 400k+. So they literally missed the estimate by a margin larger than the number of jobs created.

Nancy Pelosi claimed this week that “Trump supporters” killed a soul on the Capitol grounds days after the protests. But how many “Trump supporters” hate the former president and are devout followers of Louis Farrakhan?

And no amount of dishonesty, gas lighting, or pure ignorance could beat the left leaning associate justices of the Supreme Court. Justice Elena Kagan claimed repeatedly that the vaccine would insure that elderly and vulnerable people wouldn’t get the newest CoVid variant despite the fact that the vaccines have performed poorly against the current strain. 

Justice Stephen Breyer claimed 750 million new cases had been reported the day previous. There are less than half that number of living persons in America.

And Justice Sonia Sotomayor who couldn’t be bothered to be in attendance on the bench, presumably for health reasons, but was spotted that very night dining out in Washington DC with Democrat Senators Amy Klobuchar and Dick Durbin, was the most clownish of all. She went so far as to claim that there were more than 100,000 children hospitalized because of CoVid and “many of them” on ventilators.

A quick pull of the stats of the day showed 114,000 people (all ages) were currently hospitalized “with CoVid.” Only 20,000 or so of those in actual ICU units.

Children make up less than five hospitalizations out of every 100,000. And that follows the 48% increase from less than 3 out of 100,000 from weeks previous.

And as of this writing I was unable to source even one current account of a child on a ventilator due to CoVid. 

Add to this the fact that New York finally stopped counting all persons “with CoVid” as persons hospitalized “DUE to CoVid.” In the first reports since the change the numbers dropped by an astounding 47%.

This amount of abject ignorance or flat out falsehoods all occurred in just the final two days of this past week. From every branch of government, from every level of office, from the lips of their very own leaders.

They are criminally dishonest, or they are the most buffoonish know-nothings in American history.

And a sizable wager would likely be won by betting they are both!

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