Why Obama Sycophants Are So Compromised

Posted: Sep 27, 2009 12:00 AM

In recent days, a handful of the president's supporters garnered large headlines. Each of them have one thing in common. They are rabid supporters of President Obama, and in many ways reflect his very own tendencies and lack of candor, but with far less grace.

They have openly confessed to murder, they have refused to allow independent investigations to look into their odd activities, they have pledged retribution towards those who exposed them, and they have even proudly told a creeped-out nation that they would do it all over again.

Arguing with Idiots By Glenn Beck

Unfortunately for the President, they are a precise result of the type of political worldview that swept him into office.

Over the last few weeks two courageous young people did the nation a favor by accomplishing something the media establishment, the President, and the people's servants--Congress, would not. Through the simple act of asking questions, these two twenty-somethings produced perhaps the most effective sting operation ever performed against a crooked organization that seeks to rot society at large through its own diseased corruption. As a result, the evidence produced forced both houses of Congress to vote to stop all funding to the group.

On the video tapes seen-round-the-world, ACORN workers, literally from sea to shining sea, advised fraud, bragged about murder, and confessed to their own past operations of prostitution agencies. Some of them, including the self proclaimed killer, lauded the current administration as being able to "get things done."

But how did the head of this supposedly honorable organization respond?

By falsely accusing Fox News of setting the whole thing up, and pledging at first blush to take hard-core legal action against the two-person team that captured the wrongdoing on tape. Then, when questioned directly on Fox News Sunday, the head of ACORN refused to admit that she would take any efforts to allow outside investigators to look into ACORN's vetting and operations practices. Again, all the while singing the President's praises.

Of course, this week a video tape turned up from a Burlington New Jersey public elementary school in which the children themselves were the ones singing literal praise and worship tunes to the President. Singing about his "great accomplishments," making the "economy number one again," and replacing the name of the crucified Lord and inserting the name of President Obama were just some of the elements of the tape.

Nearly everyone in the nation described the event as creepy and inappropriate, and even liberal trolls on conservative blogs were referring to the tape as "scary."

Everyone except the principal of the school where the event took place, that is.

Your humble correspondent personally phoned the school within hours of the tape's controversy coming to light this past Thursday morning. The administrator's office told me that they:

1. Would not acknowledge the tape's existence...

2. Would not confirm or deny that parents had been notified prior to the "worship" service...

3. Would not confirm if children who felt uncomfortable had been allowed an alternate activity.

What the school gladly told me was how they had knowledge of an illegal tape that had been made and distributed of a "private class activity." As if to assume that people did not have a right to know every last jot and tittle of what happens in that school at any given moment.

After 24 hours, the school finally acknowledged the tape's existence and did finally express outrage...at those who were complaining or calling the school to voice their opinion.

As it turned out, the person who likely made the recording, and was definitely the first person to upload it to the web, was a classmate of President Obama at Harvard, and as it turns out, a friend of the principal of this elementary school--both of whom were ardent supporters of the President.

Once the jig was up, the principal finally took questions from parents, whom she is reported to have told that she "had no regrets about how the matter was handled" and would "do it again," exactly the same way.

I understand clearly that these types of people are not the average voter who decided late in the game to support President Obama. I know that many independents who initially voted for him regret that vote and stories like this make them cringe even worse at the reality of what their vote did.

But these are the types of people who are energized and WORK for this President. He has surrounded himself with these types of people, who have this type of character, for the entirety of his political life.

And my best hunch is if these ardent supporters see the President befriend many of our nation's enemies (Chavez, Qaddafi, the U.N.), offer nothing more serious than just more talk of sanctions to radicals bent on our destruction (Iran, North Korea), and curtly side against our friends in significant conflicts of their own (Honduras, Israel, Poland, Czech Republic)... If he is willing to tell the American people one thing to get elected, and then without so much as batting an eye embark on the most radical transformation of America in our history...

What's to keep those who sing worship songs to him from thinking they can do the same exact things in their own spheres of influence?

It's just how he "gets things done!"