Liberals: Funding Our Destruction

Posted: Sep 09, 2007 12:00 AM
Liberals: Funding Our Destruction

Though they have a hard time recognizing it or even admitting it, liberals in America, are sowing the seeds for the future annihilation of America as we know it.

I say they have a hard time recognizing it, because when conservatives validate such theories, liberals like Los Angeles based talk show host Stephanie Miller makes a joke of it when opposing me on CNN. She said that she "like most Democrats, want to be killed by a terrorist." They're dismissive, derisive, and instead of answering the substance - they resort to snorting at those of us who make the observation. They go to great lengths to defend the New York Times, who told Al Qaeda of our counter terrorism methods regarding the listening in on their phone calls, and the sniffing out and freezing of their money supplies.

The liberals in my city - New York - are at it again, but what you do not realize is that this time, they are forcing us to not only tolerate the scheme but forcing you to cough open your wallet to help fund it.


By using federal as well as municipal tax-dollars to open, operate, and secure an Islamic Madrassa in Brooklyn cleverly disguised as a public school.

New York City has whined and complained about Homeland Security funds, but who in Washington D.C. could really justify putting two vans worth of extra police on security detail for a school this small?

The great con is that liberal Mayor Michael Bloomberg and his Democratic lackey NYC Schools Chancellor Joel Klein are out spreading the lie that their is no religious influence or indoctrination occurring at the school. So the tax-payers held their breath to see if Klein and Bloomberg were telling the truth.

They weren't!

The first lesson on the first day, of the first week of the new school year for the fifty-seven students that are attending the madrassa was a guest lecture by Imam Al-Hajj Talib Abdur-Rashid, of the Mosque of Islamic Brotherhood in Harlem.

No religious instruction? But the first lesson is by an Islamic religious leader?

And the subject of his first lesson: "Jihad!"

So you have a religious leader, teaching on one of the most controversial doctrines of the Islamic faith on the very first day, who could have guessed?

But this wasn't the first sign of trouble.

Midway through the summer the woman tapped to be principal of the tax-payer funded madrassa, Debbie Almontaser, suggested that perhaps the way the school could raise funds to help with additional programs (you know the junior suicide bombers of America) could be to sell t-shirts that announced an "Intifada" in New York. Thinking we were all as daft as Democratic Congressional delegations she explained that it did not mean what we think it means. Within a day or so my listeners had delivered thousands of phone calls to the city council, most were rebuffed. It was only after Almontaser was discovered to have direct ties to members of Hamas and Hezbollah that she was finally relieved of her duties.

Considering that one of the doctrines of Islam allows Muslims to lie to anybody and everyone we should not be surprised that they would say one thing to our face and then flip into Arabic and begin the brainwashing cycle of the next generation. Islamic scholar Robert Spencer indicated on my show a week ago that Muslims who claim not to practice jihad fall in one of two categories. 1)They are bad muslims not as fully committed to their faith as they should be, or 2)They are practicing Islam as it is allowed when Islam is the minority in the nation. They are allowed to lie to, and even cooperate with,  the culture long enough for Islam to take root and then spring to fundamentalism when the numbers are in their favor.

Daniel Pipes in writing for the New York Sun this week also outlined the troubling scenario of previous Muslim school settings on American soil being used to advance radical Islam and pan-Arab nationalism.

Why Bloomberg, Klien, and liberals in general are such stooges for the Islamic shuck and jive is little beyond comprehension.

Islamic scholars like Spencer, and Dr. Ergun Canor, have long pointed out that the Islamic experience is, not akin to, nor compatible with the American mainstream. In Arabic society and culture there is no distinction between the mosque, the school, the house of government, the home, or the courts - it is all Islamic. All of the systems are centered around the teachings of the religion. And when the religion is as big of a fraud as Islam is, tight control must be maintained over every aspect of life.

So when liberals speak of tolerance for Islamic instruction, what they mean is, "let's let them convert the mind, bodies, and souls of the next generation." No wonder Osama spoke with such high praise for the Democrats in his video this week.

I would like to see every American that reads this column to dial this number 202.224.3121 next week and demand that Congress rescind all federal education dollars alotted to the New York City public schools until this madrassa is closed. Call several times a day. Call several days this next week. Call your Congressional House members and your United States Senators.

Britain is presently looking to expand the number of Muslim schools its tax-payers will fund. The foolish thinking there is like those of the American left, "give them what they want and they will be nice to us."

100% WRONG!

It is the goal of Islamic society, faith, education, and law to convert the world to Sharia rule and it is their commitment to wage jihad until such occurs.

In light of this I find it repulsive that liberals can be so naive so as to insist that we pay for that coming destruction out of our pocketbooks today...

And its time to say so!